fate can be a funny thing…

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Vol. 1

Story – Satoru Yamaguchi

Art – Nami Hidaka

Young adult, romantic comedy, personal development comedy, video games, fantasy, manga, fiction.

Rating 9/10

 A high school student goes on her way to school when a nasty traffic accident kills her. She finds herself awake with head pain and surrounded by Victorian dressed people speaking very politely. As soon as she realizes the eerily coincidences of the characters, she has an epiphany. She is inside the video game she was playing in her past life. She has become Katarina, the villainess of the video game. Having prior knowledge, she knows what she must do to ensure that she doesn’t die again. Things tend to go haywire for her.

My boyfriend got this manga because he was captured by the synopsis and I was equally as interested. Overall, this manga was surely fun to read and very lighthearted. A very good laugh and distraction for these troubled times we all are going through. I do recommend this manga especially since we all are going through a rock and a hard place. This manga will make one forget all troubles for a moment. I love this manga a lot. No matter what the main character does it would seem to create more drama or lead her down a path of doom. This is sort of hilarious and really makes one rethink their life. What if this is all a simulation or a video game? No one knows.


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