A Little About Me.. And This Site

Welcome! You have happily stumbled upon my website.

My name is Viola. My purpose is to share my inquiries and ramblings about various types of literature and various genres. Some may be good inquiries and may contain ramblings. My love for English had always been blossoming from a young age. Not only reading, but also writing it as well. Grew up constantly reading books and as I had writing assignments in school, I enjoyed the process of writing.

I’m really passionate about how I feel towards books and will be explicit if I enjoyed the book or not. I will give each book a rating as well as what elements are in each book. Disclaimer, these are review synopsis’s of these literature. Only my opinion and my views of how I interpret the story.  Should you want to give your opinion of any of the literature, please comment. I would love to hear from my attentive audience. 



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A bibliophile who loves literature of all kinds and listens to rock and metal music

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