horrible alien invasion cliche

Dreamcatcher – Stephen King

Horror fiction.

Rating 5/10

Jonesy and his friends are out hunting as well as camping for a while. During one of the expeditions, one of them found a stranded man and another person finds a stranded woman. Both with eerily similar stories, orange tag, and a dreamcatcher in possession on their persons. The only difference is the woman seems to be possessed by something and later it becomes known that there is a parasite from these aliens that have abducted these people and inject them with their spawn then releasing them in the woods. This becomes a war for survival.

I didn’t really care for this novel honestly. I had read better Stephen King novels and this one was not his best. Besides that, I don’t like alien abduction nor invasion stories. Too cliché for my taste. This was a hard novel to get into personally but maybe in the future I’ll give it a reread to give another chance. For now, this review remains truthfully blunt and not apologizing for the shortness of this book review.


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