honeymoon gets a bit spicy.

Fly Me to the Moon: Volume 8 – Story and Art by Kenjiro Hata

Romance, contemporary, married life, manga, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Nasa and Tsukasa decide to go on a honeymoon at a hot springs resort. Nasa tries to make plans for the two of them to spend time together and do more couple-like things. Every time there is a chance for the two of them to get close and intimate, these two are simply too shy for their own good. After the little honeymoon, they return home to continue their little life together. 

I had found this manga and immediately grabbed it. I ship Nasa and Tsukasa so much. They’re a cute and awkward couple that I really love. This manga is really sweet with some perverted stuff but it’s mostly warm hearting cuteness. The hot tub scene got me laughing and going aww with. Overall the author and artist did a really great job with this manga series and I’m hooked on this series.


home is where ever they go because they are with each other

Fly Me to the Moon Vol 4 – Kenjiro Hata

Romance, contemporary, young adult, manga, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Nasa and Tsukasa return from touring the Kyoto area and getting to know his parents to find that his home got burned up. Now they have nowhere else to go, one of his friends offers a room at the place he is a regular. Throughout this, they find romance and make memories with each other. Nasa learns what it is like to treat his wife to things that she deserves. Their next adventure would be finding their own place to live at. 

Okay, this one was definitely cuter than the previous volume. They are so cute that one has to obviously ship the two. There are some pervy parts in this one but there is too much romance and fluff that it goes unnoticed. I’m so happy to have found this series and can’t wait for the rest to come out. I am 100% deeply invested in this manga series.

so much fluff and romance

Fly Me to the Moon Vol 3 – Kenjiro Hata

Romance, contemporary, young adult, manga, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Nasa realizes that their home is small and sort of cramped. He wants to move to a bigger space but she is happily content. He convinces her that they can get a bigger space for the two and get more stuff that she likes. Now that she’s on board with that idea but points out that a new bigger home would be costly. Nasa knows who to go get help for a bigger place, his parents. In realizing this, he forgot to inform them that they got married. He wants the best for his wife and will do anything to prove that he loves her. 

I was struggling to find this manga volume. As one can tell, I am deeply invested in this series. There are a lot of cute and hilarious moments. Moments that made me go aww and cried cause it was so much fluff and romance. I’m so happy when I found this and I found the fourth volume as well. I sincerely recommend this manga series because there is a lot of cute fluff and moments that will make one’s heart melt. The artwork and dialogue are perfect and well done. Unfortunately there are only four volumes but this can be a way to catch up if there is more coming out later this year. I saw at Barnes & Nobles that there are four more coming out this year which is great news.

Kagome annoys me NOT SORRY

InuYasha 3: 3 volumes in 1, 7-10,  – Rumiko Takahashi 

Fantasy, older teen, manga, fiction. 

Rating 9/10

Kagome got caught in the middle of a fight between InuYasha and his brother, Sasshomaru. In the midst of anger and annoyance for Kagome, always interfering InuYasha throws her back into the well into her own time so he can deal with the demons and collect the Shikon pearl shards himself. He is really badly injured when more demons are sent to him by Naraku and Shippo tries to get the well unclogged so that Kagome can come back. Kagome is angry with InuYasha for tossing her aside when he truly needed her help. She goes about her life as usual in her own time until she feels the Shikon’s presence. She goes back to the well and tries to get into the well. When she does, she returns to a fight scene and a really injured InuYasha with the monk trying to fight off a demon. She steps in and helps out. Kikyo’s soul and body is roaming once more and she wants InuYasha but traps Kagome so that she doesn’t stop her. InuYasha sees Kikyo and wants to help her. Kagome witnesses InuYasha proclaim his love for Kikyo and is furious. So furious she breaks Kikyo’s spell and confronts InuYasha. Both don’t want to admit their feelings for each other but its obvious when they go on the next adventure that they work well together. 

So… I have mixed feelings. I know Kagome is the main character but I hate her. She annoys me and not only that but she is easily annoyed by anything and everything. I was so glad that InuYasha practically yeeted her into her own time. She was always getting in the way and getting injured. Anyways I really am getting deep into this fandom and I just can’t wait to get my hands on the next omnibus. I am super invested and I really want to get into this further to see what happens with Kagome and InuYasha plus the fact that his other love interest Kikyo is alive and is a wandering soul is making things more spicy. I am glad and thankful to have gotten into this series thanks to my best friend. I am also watching the anime as well and that is good too so yeah. Can’t wait to read more.

InuYasha is my fave

InuYasha 2: 3 Volumes in 1, 4-6 – Rumiko Takahashi

Fantasy, older teen, manga, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Kagome and InuYasha have gained new allies as well as new enemies. Kagome gets once again kidnapped. Making InuYasha and new companion, Shippo, go and rescue her and the broken Shikon pieces from the infamous and dangerous Thunder Brothers. In an attempt to stay alive she falsified information to make herself useful. InuYasha successfully rescues her and keeps seeing Kikyo, but Kagome’s actions remind and prove to him that this is an entirely different person now. Since she wants to be helping everyone she finds herself in all sorts of danger. When an old woman named Urasue takes Kikyo’s body and resurrects her, she realizes that she needs the soul of Kikyo and sees Kagome. Urasue kidnaps Kagome and attempts to force the soul out but fails. This works when InuYasha does and now they have to reverse the damage that was caused before Kikyo tries to kill InuYasha while protecting the body of Kagome. 

I’m very invested in this series because this is amazingly written and drawn. I wish I had access or had known about this series when I was younger. The interactions between InuYasha and Kagome got me laughing. I felt more annoyed with Kagome in this manga set because she was not listening to InuYasha and got herself into some sticky situations. I enjoyed this just the same however. Shippo is an interesting character and I like to see what happens with him on their journey to collecting the Shikon crystal pieces. I love the artwork and details of some of the enemies they come across. Some artwork is really creepy but I like creepy stuff. I’m slowly collecting and reading the omnibuses because they are easier to find and I prefer this format. I can’t wait to come across the next omnibus because I really want to see what happens with Kagome and InuYasha. I feel that he is in love with Kagome but doesn’t want to admit it. I feel that maybe Kagome likes him but we will see where the plot takes us.

be careful when falling down a well

InuYasha 1: 3 volumes in 1, 1-3,  – Rumiko Takahashi 

Fantasy, older teen, manga, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Kagome finds herself fallen down an old temple well into the past, to be specific Japan’s ancient past. As she gets a grip of her new world, she is taken by villagers into a village as a prisoner. An old woman looks at Kagome and sees the resemblance of her sister who died fifty years ago. A centipede woman creature is after Kagome who had the Shikon Pearl. A pearl wanted by all demons for the power can make the user stronger. In order to save the world, she has to release InuYasha. A half demon who wants the pearl but he also wants to destroy the demonic woman. Kagome releases him and he takes down the first demon. Bound by Kagome’s will, she can control InuYasha. A crow demon is after Kagome for the infamous pearl. Somehow when she was trying to take down the crow demon, she does it but also shatters the pearl into millions of pieces. The old woman tasks them to go retrieve all the pieces of the world. She wants to leave this world and go back home because she doesn’t want to live in this realm. As she leaves, another demon comes into play to wreak destruction. InuYasha comes to the current realm that Kagome exists in and demands her to come back to save the other realm. Kagome makes the toughest decision. 

I had seen this all over the place on the internet. Also, my best friend watches the anime and I saw that they also have a manga series. I grew curious and curiosity got the best of me in the good way. I enjoyed reading this manga novel. I had only found the three in one so I grouped them all together into one and just didn’t go into too much detail. I already am in love with InuYasha. Kagome is alright but I am only here for InuYasha to go along this journey with him. The artwork is really amazing and creepy when the demons are drawn. I know a lot of people will probably ask me if I ship Kagome and InuYasha and all I can say is we will see. I only read the first three volumes. I know this is also an anime series and I will be watching the series as well. I do recommend this manga series for sure because I am in love from the first chapter.

bibliophiles will love this manga

Ascendance of a Bookworm: Part 1: Volume 1

Author – Miya Kazuki, Artist – Suzuka, Character Design – You Shinna

Reincarnation, books, librarians, literature, manga 

Rating 10/10

Urano, a young college student, loves books. One day she gets killed by books toppling her during an earthquake. She prays that in the next life, she is able to access literature but fate has different plans for her. She gets reincarnated as a young sickly girl named Myne in a society where books are not accessible at all due to the lower class she was born into. Seeing that books are not accessible, she decides to make books. The first step of making a book is producing paper and she goes to gather necessary materials to make paper.

My boyfriend had watched the anime series and he found the manga books to gift to me and for me to read. I had watched some of the anime but the manga I was interested in reading. This manga is a bibliophile fantasy and really well detailed of how literature came to be plus the process of obtaining a book is never easy. While reading this, I felt that books are so underappreciated today but a hundred or more years ago they were cherished and hard to obtain because only the higher classes such as the noblemen could have these books. The main character is very relatable as we both love literature and definitely book worms. I intend to read more of the series as I come to find them because apparently this is a really hard manga to find. Luckily, as I mentioned, my boyfriend had found the books and gifted them to me. I really recommend all bibliophiles and book worms to venture and find this book. Request your nearest bookstore to bring some copies into the bookstore. 

I love learning more about my fave Shouto Todoroki

My Hero Academia Vol 26 – Kohei Horikoshi

Manga, superheroes, super villains, quirks, school, fiction.

Rating 8/10

Deku, Bakugo, and Shouto begin to prove themselves as heroes to work at Endeavor’s work place. Each of them explains their strengths and their weaknesses. They all are invited over to Shouto’s house to have dinner. When they leave, they come across a villain and put the villain away. All of them worked together. The next day, life resumes for U.A. High but word on the street is a new villain that is way deadlier than any has ever faced.

This was alright. I loved the moments with Shouto’s family and saw that their family was healing. I mean it’s a good thing to try to mend the family. I appreciated this volume for the Bakugo moments. I think he is my second or third favorite. I will always love Shouto as my number one. As always, the artwork was perfect, and this was a rather a cliffhanger. Can’t wait for the next manga.

loved the trope that was used… so cute

Whisper Me a Love Song – Eku Takeshima

Manga, romance, LGBTQ+, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Himari is a high school freshman attending the school’s band performance when she listens to the lead singer sing. In that moment, she falls in love with the lead singer and goes to tell the lead singer about her feelings. Yuri, the lead singer of the band, can’t believe she wasn’t the only one. Both fell in love at first sight.

This manga shares how it is like to fall in love at first sight. Realistically speaking there are so many types of love and this manga gives insight of that. This was sweet, and I certainly loved the characters. The artwork is beautiful and unbelievably detailed. I would want to find more of the series because I am deeply invested.

i need to read the next book lol

Ten Count: 2 – Rihito Takarai

Romance, manga, LGBTQ+, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Shirotani is still struggling with his germaphobia and Kurose wants to help him. What doesn’t help is that Kurose had fallen in love with Shirotani but understands if he doesn’t feel the same way. He becomes worried when he gets a phone call from Shirotani’s workplace asking what is happening and such. Kurose explains Shirotani’s condition and tells them its highly unlikely he will be able to get ahold of Shirotani. When he does, he puts himself forward and tells Shirotani his feelings and shows him what he means. Shirotani slowly becomes more accustomed and admits he has feelings for Kurose.

This was sweet and loved how supportive Kurose was with Shirotani. I feel that this manga’s pacing is perfect because of the slow burn aspect. The artwork is good, and the plot is great. However, there is some erotic art within so be careful of whose around while one is reading this manga. I can’t wait to get my hands on more of this manga series because I want to know if Kurose and Shirotani become a thing without spoilers. I want to go on that discovery myself.