Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year

I’m taking the rest of the month off as I need a lot of time to study for finals and afterwards spend time with family and friends. I hope everyone has a great time with the holidays (while being safe and healthy) and enjoying quality time with loved ones.

I will be also taking some time off in January as I am working on my sequel to my novel and a mystery project as well. So I will be back in mid-January with quality content.

My novel is out, the link is on this website but you can also go to Amazon and type in ‘The Summertime Cult’ it should be the first thing to pop up. It is free on Kindle Unlimited, there is the option of paperback and hardcover.

See you all in the next year!

who is innocent and who is guilty?

Apples Never Fall – Liane Moriarty 

Mystery, thriller, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Joy went missing and the four Delany children suspect this mysterious woman that came into their lives. The police think it’s Stan, the husband who had claw marks on his face. Each of the four children looks at the evidence and tries to prove their father’s innocence. They recount the months before Joy went missing to try to see what went wrong. Stan couldn’t have killed his wife or did he do it. It is a race against time to find Joy and right as they were about to prove their father’s innocence a body is found. The four Delany children are now divided with the new evidence. 

I got this book because I couldn’t stop seeing this on all my social media and I do genuinely love this author. She is a master at her craft and there isn’t denying that. I stopped hesitating and decided to give this book a read when I totally shouldn’t have. Let me tell you, this novel got me messed up in a good way. The book was well written and I enjoyed the plot. The characters were really fun and different from the other characters that Moriarty had created. This novel will keep the reader guessing as to what happened to Joy. Even the characters would convince the reader of the different ways that Joy went missing. When all is revealed it would be an even bigger plot twist. I couldn’t get over how intricate the plot was nor how thick it was. This was a phenomenal novel. The best that Morariaty ever wrote and will be one of my top favorite authors.

Books or Movies/TV?

Books or Movies? 

The Book to Film Adaptations Inquiry and Rant (Pt 2)

Let’s talk about The Hunger Games Trilogy and Movies

The Hunger Games trilogy is a young adult dystopian novel about twelve districts sending two of their teenagers to the capital to train then eventually fighting to the death until one survives to be crowned the Victor of the Hunger Games that happens once a year. However, the first-ever Hunger Games had two victors, Katniss and Peeta, due to their ‘fake’ relationship that ‘blossomed’ just for folks to send in some life-saving assistance. Both were going to eat these berries that would have definitely killed them both but last minute the two became victors. Snow, the president, didn’t like this and this would lead to the rest of the series him trying to end Katniss and end the rebellion from the other districts. 

In the film adaptation, the first two books became movies and the final book was also a two-part film like Harry Potter’s final film, Deathly Hallows. In total, the Hunger Games cinematic experience is four movies. It is a lot of screen time and I felt that the adaptation from book to film was okay. They did change some stuff around like the perspectives were drastically different and some minor background characters had more involvement. There is no flag in the book but the film shows a flag which is one of the many things that were changed. Only the scores of the tributes were announced in the book but in the film, it was also district name and number. There was a casting difference as well because originally Katniss was supposed to have olive skin and black hair which in the film she was a brunette with fair skin. Peeta had brown eyes in the film but in the book, he was meant to have blue eyes. I know that casting is difficult because the important factor is the quality of the actors’ performance but they could have spent more time looking for more actors who looked more like the characters in the book. 

The trilogy in the total amount of pages only goes nearly as between seven to nine hundred at most. They have more descriptions and more information that the movie couldn’t fully provide since as I mentioned in a previous post, filmmakers have to fill within two hours per film. The novels are short and provide a quick reading experience. They are geared towards young adults but adults can enjoy the series as well. There is a perfect amount of action and romance as well. 

The books in my opinion are better than the films because they are more accurate and have the right descriptions of the world-building that the films lack or never added into the series. The movies are great for a good pastime but don’t accurately tell the Hunger Games trilogy nor do it justice as the novels had. 

I had to DNF this one…

DNF (Didn’t Finish): Ugly Love – Colleen Hoover

I tried to give Colleen Hoover another chance to redeem herself with a different novel. However, within the first fifty pages, I could see the same pattern of a troubled man needing some sort of forgiveness for being a distasteful and or horrible person. I hated the previous Hoover book that I read because Ryle was all nice then became an asshole and showed his true colors. In this novel, the love interest seems like he is already showing his true colors to the main character. I’m sorry but also not sorry for liking these two Colleen Hoover books. I can never understand the hype of toxic relationships in fiction. I’ll be gifting these two books to a local free library because I didn’t like them and don’t want them in my collection.

I didn’t like this Colleen Hoover novel not sorry

It Ends With Us – Colleen Hoover

Romance, contemporary, relationships, fiction. 

Rating 5/10

Lily throughout her life is a hard worker and came from her hometown to start a flower business in Boston. After her father’s funeral, she is on the rooftop just trying to relax when a man comes up smoking a joint telling her what to do. He thinks she is going to jump but she isn’t. He tells her that his name is Ryle and he’s a neurosurgeon. Each shares bits and pieces of their lives and he warns her about himself. She warns him of herself. They depart and life goes on as usual until their paths cross again. This time he doesn’t take the warning too seriously and dares to ask her out. With time, they slowly become more and more involved but also someone from her past, Atlas, appears in her life. This causes her to be torn between Ryle and Atlas. 

I had heard of this author on TikTok and this book was on the BookTok table at my local Barnes and Nobles. I didn’t really like this novel because it was too fast-paced. I was able to read it in one sitting and this book left me saddened and the plot felt like something was missing from the story. The way the book ended was not satisfying at all. The writing was great, don’t get me wrong, it’s just the way Hoover wrote the plot could have been more satisfying at the end. The characters, such as Atlas and Lily, should have gotten together instead of Lily going with Ryle. Lily should have listened to Atlas and left Ryle the moment Ryle hit her. No man should be allowed a second chance after he hits a woman who he claims he loves. I thought that was where the novel was going to take the reader/audience but it disappointed me. I appreciate reading this novel and maybe I should find another Colleen Hoover book to read to understand more of the hype of the author. I do know that she has a bunch out that are on Booktok. 

Books or Movies/TV? 

The Book to Film/TV Adaptations Inquiry and Rant (Pt 1)

Let’s talk about the Harry Potter Books and Movies~

Within the past couple of decades, there has been an increase of books being turned into movies that sometimes are great and others simply flop. Most of these books are either children’s literature or young adult with some adult fiction becoming films as well. This will be one of my new addition to my blog where I will discuss books or movies and what may be perfect for some but others not so much. I’ll also really be straightforward with what I like and prefer plus some criticism of some book to film adaptations.  I will post this Books or Movies segment on Fridays and continue with posting daily or every other day. 

The most popular book that turned into films was the Harry Potter series starting with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Each book was turned into its own film bringing the magic of Harry Potter’s world onto the big screen. The final book of the series, Deathly Hallows, was turned into a two-part movie which concludes the Harry Potter cinematic experience into eight lengthy films. I understand that J.K. Rowling is in hot water for some of her controversial tweets. I am separating the author from the work because technically she only had written two of the books and the rest was ghostwritten by various different writers. 

The book series follows a young child who had faced Lord Voldemort as an infant and was supposed to die but ended up with the iconic lightning bolt on his forehead. He was placed into the muggle world with his nonmagical aunt, uncle, and cousin who despise his existence. One day Hagrid, the Groundskeeper of Hogwarts, comes to inform him that he was accepted to Hogwarts but Harry doesn’t believe that he is a wizard. Hagrid shows his magic and he instantly believes. He goes with Hagrid to go to the magical world where he is a superstar. Harry becomes fast friends with Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley who ultimately later become his best friends who fight at his side against Voldemort. Voldemort comes back each year trying to murder Harry Potter but fails every time. In the end, Harry Potter wins over Lord Voldemort in every confrontational battle. 

The books themselves are rather lengthy for the audience that the series is meant to be geared towards. These books are for all ages and do have some conflicts in the books that may be unsettling for some readers but exciting for others. I read these as a child and simply loved them. Even as an adult I sometimes reread some of my favorite books such as Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire. They’re great for a bibliophile such as myself. However, not everyone is a bibliophile but prefers to watch movies. 

The movies are great but they tend to leave out a lot of scenes. Each director and writer of each of the Harry Potter films have to decide whether or not to include some aspects of the novel because films can’t be nearly eight hours long. It is very tough for the filmmakers since they have to fit as much as they can into a two-hour time slot. Some of the books were longer than three hundred pages and trying to fit everything into a two-hour film is nearly impossible. The movies are perfect to watch because they cover most of the plot of the books. The actors did a splendid and phenomenal job bringing these characters alive and the casting couldn’t have been more perfect. With that said, seeing how the characters look and interact is fun but not as fun as our imaginations. The cast sure did have a good time spending time together on the film shoots and simply bonding together over the years. 

I honestly only love the books because the films miss out on some of my favorite scenes and important plot points that should have been included. I do appreciate the movies but the book series in my opinion are better than the films. 

Let me know what you prefer when it comes to Harry Potter; the books or the films?

honeymoon gets a bit spicy.

Fly Me to the Moon: Volume 8 – Story and Art by Kenjiro Hata

Romance, contemporary, married life, manga, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Nasa and Tsukasa decide to go on a honeymoon at a hot springs resort. Nasa tries to make plans for the two of them to spend time together and do more couple-like things. Every time there is a chance for the two of them to get close and intimate, these two are simply too shy for their own good. After the little honeymoon, they return home to continue their little life together. 

I had found this manga and immediately grabbed it. I ship Nasa and Tsukasa so much. They’re a cute and awkward couple that I really love. This manga is really sweet with some perverted stuff but it’s mostly warm hearting cuteness. The hot tub scene got me laughing and going aww with. Overall the author and artist did a really great job with this manga series and I’m hooked on this series.

Happy Turkey Day!

I’m taking the rest of the month off to spend time with family and friends for turkey day. I’ll be back on December 1st with thrilling new content.

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A young woman is about to enter her dream four-year college but before she heads off she spends some time at her grandmother’s. While staying at her grandmother’s place she learns of this mysterious cult that takes babies from loving parents only to sacrifice them in horrible and brutal ways. They are known as The Summertime Cult. She intends to take them down. One by one.

this was exceptionally good

Black Girls Must Die Exhausted – Jayne Allen

Infertility issues, black women. Family, interpersonal relationships, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Tabitha finds out that she has an infertility issue that she has to address sooner rather than later. Not only that but she finds out her boyfriend, Marc, isn’t ready for any family life nor marriage. He breaks up with her. Tabitha goes to her friends and family to help her. She gets the dream promotion at her work. She comes to terms that she will die exhausted but she will live her life to the fullest. 

I enjoyed the writing of this novel. The flow was so perfectly done. The plot and narrative felt surreal. I’m glad that this book covered a very heavy subject with some lightness and comedy. There was a great balance. Not a lot of books cover infertility issues because it is so stigmatized. We should unstigmatized sexual wellness. There was another topic that was covered here and it is racism. There is a lot of systematic and institutionalized racism in this country that has made people of color scared of the police. When Tabitha got pulled over by the cop and was very afraid for her life, I nearly cried because police are supposed to make everyone feel safe. However, with the rising numbers of police brutality against people of color, police have become even more feared more now than ever. With that said, please contact local representatives and tell them that we need police reform. I’ve done my part by calling daily and I want my followers to do the same. My website is a hate-free zone. This is a peace zone.

i usually avoid romeo and juliette…

These Violent Delights – Chloe Gong 

Retelling, Romeo and Juliet, the 1920s, shanghai, gang wars, young adult, fiction. 

Rating 9/10

Juliette returns to Shanghai to take over the gang, named Scarlets. However, what is noticed is this new mysterious pandemic of individuals clawing themselves to death. She suspects it’s the Russians. Roma suspects that it is the Scarlets. Roma goes to confront Juliette and realized that this is an actual monster. He proposes that the two works together and set aside their differences to find what is killing people. 

I usually don’t like to read any form of Romeo and Juliet. Yet alone to be caught dead reading a retelling. I always hated Shakespeare especially because of Romeo and Juliet. Anyways, this novel had kept popping up everywhere and was recommended to me. I found that I loved this novel. It had very thrilling writing and world-building as well as action with romance. There was serious tension between Roma and Juliette that felt surreal. I enjoyed this novel and found it immersive as well. The way the author transports the reader into the world was extraordinary.