a chilling read before summer…

Revisiting: The Institute – Stephen King

Horror, thriller, science fiction, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Tim’s flight got delayed and he decided to take the offer of some money if someone else got his seat. He decided to just hitchhike to his destination. He stops at a small town Dupray and works as a Night Knocker. Luke finds himself awake in a room that is a simulation of his bedroom. Except it wasn’t since there was no window to see the neighbor’s house. He remembered the day before when he was all prepped for his future and now that picture of his future is gone. Luke was one highly advanced child for his age. His parents sure didn’t know how to handle him but they did their best. He is in some sort of facility that must be government-owned. Unfortunately, it is not what every kid tells him. Kalisha, one of the residents, tells him how it works. Shots for dots. A whole bunch of testing is done. Sometimes there are rewards for good behavior. After a while, the child is sent to the Back Half for a while during their memories being wiped after being used for something big. Luke tries to find out more information about this place and learns the hard truth. The children were selectively picked for their cognitive abilities whether they can be telekinetic or telepathic. He observes what happens through Avery, who can read minds, and gets letters from some of the children that were in the Front Half but got sent to the Back Half. They are shown movies and told to do something under hypnosis. Luke manages to escape and he tries to gather some adults to help break the children out of the horrible Institute. He has the help of Tim who sympathized with Luke’s and the children of the Institute’s lives. 

I wanted to reread this novel for the sheer horror and thrill that this novel brought when I first read it. I have to say, I love King’s writing. He is a pure genius when he builds the world and manages to create an ultimate evil that scares the living daylights out of me. He goes in-depth and provides a lot of information that is needed to keep the narrative going. Not only that but keep the reader on their toes. I feel that somehow this novel is interconnected with his other works such as Firestarter and The Shining since both those literary works feature children with some sort of powers. Overall, this novel really dug deep into certain aspects of life that are never really given that much thought. This novel proposes the idea that sometimes the world has some sort of secret organization pulling all the strings. I enjoyed this novel so much I had gotten a paperback so that my hardcover can remain on display with my other favorites. I recommend this book who wants to go into a dark book but not too dark that it’s bad. Just something slightly evil… 

a baby always changes everything

Black Girls Must Be Magic – Jayne Allen 

Contemporary, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Tabitha just discovered she’s pregnant right after her grandmother’s death. However, the doctors tell her the fetus was not the original embryo that they had implanted but a new one. This totally changes her perception of the situation and she finds out that this baby belongs to Marc’s. Her ex-boyfriend’s baby. All her friends tell her to tell him and when she does, he doesn’t believe it at first then comes back to be more involved with Tabitha’s life. Tabitha is trying to find herself through all the baby appointments and her work. Her friends become her village who will help her with the baby and including Marc as well. 

This is a sequel to Black Girls Must Be Exhausted and I hadn’t expected that there was to be a sequel. In a way, I was caught off guard. This novel had a lot of emotional points and many facts that a lot of African American women go through. Not only about their hair but their way of life. Tabitha opted to be a single mother by choice and a lot of single African American mothers feel that way. I admired that Marc was wanting to be in the child’s life and wanted to immediately marry Tabitha but it is always the woman’s choice. I loved the writing and the characters’ interactions. I felt as if I was right there watching this all unfold. I enjoyed reading this novel and can’t wait for the third book. I will be snatching that third book as fast as I can. This was so good. 

i never read anything with selkies before…

The Girl from the Sea – Molly Knox Ostertag, color by Maarta Laiho

Fantasy, selkies, young adult, romance, LGBTQ+, fiction.

Rating 13/10

Morgan is highly anticipating leaving her little island and getting away from her family which is slowly imploding and her friends who don’t truly know her. She wants to kiss girls, not boys. After falling into the ocean she awakens to find that this mysterious pretty girl saved her from drowning that she had apparently met before. They had interacted when they were children and it was forgotten. Keltie tells her that they kissed and they are bonded for life. Morgan doesn’t seem to believe it at first but she couldn’t deny Keltie’s cuteness. Both begin falling in love and facing what it means to be in love as well as how their love impacts the world around them.

This book was so good and it hurt me emotionally. The artwork was beautiful and colorful. The plot was very intriguing and beautiful. Morgan finding herself and falling for Keltie slowly was so cute. I hated that Morgan was denying her feelings towards Keltie but I would understand. It takes a lot of souls searching to make the decision. It isn’t easy to come out and her brother outing her was not a good thing. I appreciated how the mother grounded him because Morgan should’ve been the one to tell. I needed something wholesome and cute. This graphic novel brought that and I simply was in love with the plot and the characters. 

I love Rhys even more!

A Court of Wings and Ruin – Sarah J. Maas

fantasy, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Feyre witnessed both her sisters, Nesta and Elain, being thrown into the Cauldron. When they reemerged they became Fae. She offered to go with Tamlin and be the spy. Feyre ordered Rhysand to take care of her sisters in the meantime. She is really angry at Tamlin for selling everyone out and dragging her sisters into this world. Feyre plays a part and a very convincing part to ensure that no one knows her true motives. All the while she had learned that she was Rhysand’s mate and he didn’t tell her. Not only that but she values that he treats her as his equal whereas Tamlin never. Tamlin was a monster who betrayed them all and is continued to work with Hybern. When Feyre returns to her own court she visits her sisters to check in on them. Nesta wants to get revenge while Elain is still trying to cope with the losses. Rhysand urges to gather allies to fight in the war. 

This book was thick on the premise of talking politics within the world that Maas created which felt a lot but given the direction that she wanted with this novel is understandable. Besides the small training arcs and the war arc, I enjoyed the novel. There were moments that made my eyes widen such as when Feyre was punishing one of the mean priestesses by making her shatter her own hand with a rock. That was badass and I loved that Feyre is coming into her powers and how Rhysand isn’t holding her back but rather encouraging her. He seems to be like just her henchmen in my perspective. There was another scene where Tamlin said some rather derogatory words against Feyre and her court decided to stand and tell him to not disrespect her. This novel had a lot of #girlboss moments. I loved that and the descriptions of some of the clothes as well that seem very elegant. I can’t wait to read the next book. 


Revisiting: A Court of Mist and Fury – Sarah J. Maas

Fantasy, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Feyre died and was brought back alive by the Seven Lords. That was her reward for the sacrifice she made to save everyone. She goes back to the Spring Court with Tamlin and prepares for their wedding. She doesn’t want to play dress-up but rather go out and protect her people. Tamlin refuses to let her out at all due to the excuse of her value with the other Fae lords. Rhysand comes knocking on their wedding day to retrieve Feyre as a part of the deal they made Under the Mountain. Tamlin hates that deal and swears that Rhysand is one of the enemies. However, Feyre doesn’t see it that way when she gets closer to Rhysand. Rhysand helps her with navigating her powers and teaching her how to read and write. When Rhysand returns her to Tamlin, something bad happens where Tamlin goes too far by locking her in a literal box of darkness. It takes some people in Rhysand’s court to get her out. 

Rhysand informs her that Tamlin is suspicious and that he wouldn’t have done what Tamlin did to her. Feyre takes his offer to work for him in his Court. They realize that the human king is wanting to take overall and some of the Fae Kings and Lords have been making deals. War is brewing and Feyre discovers the inner power she can wield that is unique and powerful. Not only that but deadly. The mission is to collect all the parts of this book and go to the Cauldron to make things right. Before a bloody war descends on the world. 

I recall reading this book for the first time and was amazed by the world-building and that remains true. What truly strikes me the most is the character development in this novel and the tropes. Feyre went from lovers to enemies so quickly in this one with Tamlin. The moment that Tamlin was coddling and hiding her away screamed red flags for me. There was love between the two of them but seeing the shift in their dynamic made me not like the relationship. Tamlin is the definition of a narcissistic lover that showed his true colors. 


Then there were the enemies to friends to lovers trope between Feyre and Rhysand which I love so much. Rhysand seemed like a douch to her but that’s because that was him showing that he cared and his brutal honesty is what Feyre needed. Feyre despised him at first but slowly came to love him because the two of them share some common ground. Rhysand was showing Feyre that she is really powerful and tried to help her. When she realized that he was trying to show her that she is his equal did so many things to her. 

This novel’s pacing took a while and there was a lot of world-building. I loved the writing and the character development of the main character. She becomes a powerful weapon that is ought to be feared and she shouldn’t be reckoned with. I would like to appreciate the fact that Feyre is dealing with PTSD which is so realistic representation, especially after all the trauma she underwent while Under the Mountain. There was some mild smut going on but there is mostly action and dialogue. I definitely am looking forward to the next book. 

A beloved TIKTOK fave

Revisiting: A Court of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J Maas

Fantasy, fiction. 

Rating 9/10

Feyre is a huntress who provides means of food and some money to her family. Her father had made some distasteful investments that went south led them to live in poverty. One day, Feyre goes on a hunt to get not only food but some fur as well. She kills not only a deer but a wolf to bring home enough food to the table and to go trading the furs. Someone arrives asking who had killed the Wolf who had been apparently a faerie. Feyre fesses up that she was the one who killed him and she was immediately taken to the Spring Court. As punishment by her captor, Tamlin, she would serve her sentence in the faerie realm for the rest of her life. As long as she stays, her family is well cared for. 

For a while, she gets used to living among the faeries and learns more about them and their ways of life. She slowly begins to see that they all aren’t as bad as how history and people had painted them. Lucien paints a story about a curse that plagues them. Not only that but enlightens her with information. There is an immediate danger to her life and Tamlin sets her free from her obligation then sends her back to the human realm. When she returns she noticed that Tamlin was in fact telling the truth and when it is revealed that a name that she has falsely given for herself caused another person’s entire family to be massacred she makes a decision to leave. 

She decided that she really loves Tamlin and wants to go back to him. She needs to let him know but what stops her is that he is captured Under the Mountain. After learning that there was a curse that would have explained the masks she is more than eager to break the curse. Not only him but the entire Spring Court is. She is given the choice of either partaking in Amarantha’s trials and breaking them out or dying. All the while making deals to ensure she can free Tamlin even if there are some costs towards the Spring Court’s freedom. 

I decided to try to finish the series up until the final book so I wanted to revisit the series to give myself a reminder before finishing the series. I intend on rereading the second book before reading the third then the rest of the series. I invested in the boxed set and the most recent book despite it being a hardcover. This novel when I first read it, I was enlightened by the lore slightly and I did change how I rated it. I previously rated the novel 10/10 and downgraded it by a point because some of the events felt rushed. I still stand on the fact that this was beautifully descriptive and thought into. There were a lot of breadcrumbs of information that were necessary for the plot to continue without the audience being clueless. While this felt like a Beauty and the Beast retelling, I found myself hating Tamlin and more of Lucien. He may seem more like a jerk but he was honest and that is the best policy. Overall, I did re-enjoy the novel and will be looking forward to reading the sequel. 

the best novel I EVER READ

Iron Widow – Xiran Jay Zhao

Science fiction, young adult, fiction. 

Rating 20/10

Zetian found out that her sister died from being enlisted in the efforts of war. She finds herself wanting revenge and intends to act on her revenge with the person who killed her. Yang Guang. Yang Guang chooses her to be his concubine pilot and she murders him during the fight. Zetian expected to be executed but she isn’t. She is being paired off with the infamous Iron Demon, Li Shimian who is known to have done patricide. After their first fight together, they see potential in their pairing. Zetian doesn’t want to settle for only Shimin or her other love interest, Yitzi. She chooses them both and chooses to ensure that no more females are senselessly sacrificed. Shimin and Yitzi join her to change the way their world works. 

I had seen this novel all over TikTok and other social media platforms. Mostly the Booktokers I follow had been raving about it so I just got a library copy. Immediately after reading, I went and bought the actual copy for myself to immediately reread it. This was such an amazing book with so many good quotes that are angsty against the male cis heteropatriarchy. Not just that but the author I felt slipped some of her opinions in that deeply resonated with me. The whole world where women are serving men because of their qi in this world reflects how men need women in the world for certain things. Not just that but this book deeply questions gender roles which I love. Gender is a social construct and I felt that there were so many moments in this book that so resonated deep into my soul.

 I understand why the author and fans of this novel are raving about it. I thought I wouldn’t have liked this because of the action and mech machines but this book was the exception. The world-building is phenomenal. The cast of characters such as Zetian, Li Shimin, and Yitzi I deeply love. Each of them holds a special place in my heart as they have their place in each other’s hearts. My favorite character, however, has to be Zetian because she isn’t afraid to do what is needed to be done. Sure she is labeled as the ‘bad guy’ but she had her reasoning. Some prince killed her sister even though it wasn’t necessary. Also, the fact that this realm needs women as sacrifices is complete and utter bullshit so I can’t blame Zetian for doing what she did. I admired that Yi Shimin acknowledged that it wasn’t entirely his fault, he was being used as a weapon for winning the battles that always occurred. He decided to go on the right team. 

I absolutely loved this novel and I couldn’t leave the world. It was amazingly brilliant and awesome. I highly recommend finding either a book, e-book, or audiobook to give this novel a read. It is a must-read. This has become one of my top favorite books of all time. 

This novel is the best. I had to break my April hiatus just to share how much I loved this novel. I waited too long to read this.

I <3 this volume

Fly Me to the Moon  VOL 8 – Kenjiro Hata 

Romance, manga, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Nasa is extremely happy and looking forward to Summer and the various festivals. He wants to see his lovely wife in a yukata and sadly wants to see her fully naked. However, he has to figure out a way so he begins to read some shojo manga that he becomes addicted to beyond the original purpose. He and his wife share some steamy moments in the bathhouse that they are staying at. 

This was really a sweet volume that felt short, at least to me, and rather quickly paced. I didn’t mind it but I was frustrated that they haven’t gotten closer. I do appreciate the cutesy stuff and prefer that though. I can’t wait for the next volume. I definitely recommend this series. 

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a whirlwind of romance and adventure out on the sea? sign me up please!

The Mermaid, The Witch, and The Sea – Maggie Tokuda-Hall

Fantasy, adventures, mermaids, witches, LGBTQ+, colonialism, young adult, fiction. 

Rating 11/10

To survive Flora has to become a male under the persona, Florian, to aboard the ship called The Cove.  Evelyn is being married off and sent across the sea and hates that she is being sent off. Florian and Evelyn cross paths on the ship that is supposedly a passenger ship but suddenly things take a darker turn when one of the ship crew caught a live mermaid. Both Florian and Evelyn ensure that the mermaid remains alive but the captain of the ship revealed his true intentions. Everyone on board that is a passenger is to become a slave to the Cove. Florian sees the injustice and decides to try to escape with Evelyn and return the mermaid to the ocean. With the help of one of the crew ship members, he offers them an escape and faces punishment. Florian is shot and Evelyn is left to try to row their boat to land. Evelyn finds a woman who claimed to be a witch on this island who promises to save Florian but sent Evelyn to her betrothed who doesn’t believe her story. Intentions are shown and Evelyn must get out. Not only that but Flora needs to rescue Evelyn and escape from the Emperor and the Pirate Supreme. 

Wow. Just wow. I can’t even describe how much I loved this book. There was a sapphic romance, adventure, fantasy, and mythical creatures. This novel grabbed me and did not let go of me at all. I loved the way the writing kept its grip on me in such a way that I couldn’t stop reading. I devoured this book in less than a day. I loved how Flora disguised herself as a male pirate and how Evelyn just later accepts her true identity. That made my heart melt because I was rooting for these two characters to survive and love each other. The plot blew my mind and there were so many twists and turns that I hadn’t expected but they were good. This novel discusses the harsh truths of colonialism and the impacts it has on everyone. I recommend this book for only teenagers and older because topics and subjects a bit are challenging for younger audiences but overall an excellent novel.