a baby always changes everything

Black Girls Must Be Magic – Jayne Allen 

Contemporary, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Tabitha just discovered she’s pregnant right after her grandmother’s death. However, the doctors tell her the fetus was not the original embryo that they had implanted but a new one. This totally changes her perception of the situation and she finds out that this baby belongs to Marc’s. Her ex-boyfriend’s baby. All her friends tell her to tell him and when she does, he doesn’t believe it at first then comes back to be more involved with Tabitha’s life. Tabitha is trying to find herself through all the baby appointments and her work. Her friends become her village who will help her with the baby and including Marc as well. 

This is a sequel to Black Girls Must Be Exhausted and I hadn’t expected that there was to be a sequel. In a way, I was caught off guard. This novel had a lot of emotional points and many facts that a lot of African American women go through. Not only about their hair but their way of life. Tabitha opted to be a single mother by choice and a lot of single African American mothers feel that way. I admired that Marc was wanting to be in the child’s life and wanted to immediately marry Tabitha but it is always the woman’s choice. I loved the writing and the characters’ interactions. I felt as if I was right there watching this all unfold. I enjoyed reading this novel and can’t wait for the third book. I will be snatching that third book as fast as I can. This was so good. 

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