a chilling read before summer…

Revisiting: The Institute – Stephen King

Horror, thriller, science fiction, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Tim’s flight got delayed and he decided to take the offer of some money if someone else got his seat. He decided to just hitchhike to his destination. He stops at a small town Dupray and works as a Night Knocker. Luke finds himself awake in a room that is a simulation of his bedroom. Except it wasn’t since there was no window to see the neighbor’s house. He remembered the day before when he was all prepped for his future and now that picture of his future is gone. Luke was one highly advanced child for his age. His parents sure didn’t know how to handle him but they did their best. He is in some sort of facility that must be government-owned. Unfortunately, it is not what every kid tells him. Kalisha, one of the residents, tells him how it works. Shots for dots. A whole bunch of testing is done. Sometimes there are rewards for good behavior. After a while, the child is sent to the Back Half for a while during their memories being wiped after being used for something big. Luke tries to find out more information about this place and learns the hard truth. The children were selectively picked for their cognitive abilities whether they can be telekinetic or telepathic. He observes what happens through Avery, who can read minds, and gets letters from some of the children that were in the Front Half but got sent to the Back Half. They are shown movies and told to do something under hypnosis. Luke manages to escape and he tries to gather some adults to help break the children out of the horrible Institute. He has the help of Tim who sympathized with Luke’s and the children of the Institute’s lives. 

I wanted to reread this novel for the sheer horror and thrill that this novel brought when I first read it. I have to say, I love King’s writing. He is a pure genius when he builds the world and manages to create an ultimate evil that scares the living daylights out of me. He goes in-depth and provides a lot of information that is needed to keep the narrative going. Not only that but keep the reader on their toes. I feel that somehow this novel is interconnected with his other works such as Firestarter and The Shining since both those literary works feature children with some sort of powers. Overall, this novel really dug deep into certain aspects of life that are never really given that much thought. This novel proposes the idea that sometimes the world has some sort of secret organization pulling all the strings. I enjoyed this novel so much I had gotten a paperback so that my hardcover can remain on display with my other favorites. I recommend this book who wants to go into a dark book but not too dark that it’s bad. Just something slightly evil… 

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