i never read anything with selkies before…

The Girl from the Sea – Molly Knox Ostertag, color by Maarta Laiho

Fantasy, selkies, young adult, romance, LGBTQ+, fiction.

Rating 13/10

Morgan is highly anticipating leaving her little island and getting away from her family which is slowly imploding and her friends who don’t truly know her. She wants to kiss girls, not boys. After falling into the ocean she awakens to find that this mysterious pretty girl saved her from drowning that she had apparently met before. They had interacted when they were children and it was forgotten. Keltie tells her that they kissed and they are bonded for life. Morgan doesn’t seem to believe it at first but she couldn’t deny Keltie’s cuteness. Both begin falling in love and facing what it means to be in love as well as how their love impacts the world around them.

This book was so good and it hurt me emotionally. The artwork was beautiful and colorful. The plot was very intriguing and beautiful. Morgan finding herself and falling for Keltie slowly was so cute. I hated that Morgan was denying her feelings towards Keltie but I would understand. It takes a lot of souls searching to make the decision. It isn’t easy to come out and her brother outing her was not a good thing. I appreciated how the mother grounded him because Morgan should’ve been the one to tell. I needed something wholesome and cute. This graphic novel brought that and I simply was in love with the plot and the characters. 

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