Living As Your Twin Brother Paid off in More Ways than One

Stealing Her – Rachel Van Dyken

Romance, drama, comedy, fiction.

Rating 9.9/10

Julian and Bridge were inseparable and always had each other’s backs. That was until their parents divorced, Julian got his father whereas Bridge got his mother. Years later as adults, Julian attempted to send a white flag of peace to Bridge and it failed. Julian’s fiancé Isobel was going to break off the engagement, but disaster struck, and Julian landed in the hospital in a coma that she doesn’t know about just yet. Bridge’s father comes to Bridge with an offer he can’t refuse. Bridge takes on the role of Julian until Julian wakes up from his coma. Bridge is forced to live a lie and realizes all that comes with that single lie.

I was weirded out by the title of this novel and was interested so I had grabbed it so fast. I began to read, and this was extremely fast paced. I read this within 4 hours of checking this novel from the library. I hadn’t binge read a book since middle school. This book was a page turner and kept me on my toes. I never had thought that I would ever pick up a book that made me feel exhilarated as this one did. I regret not taking my time with this novel, but at the same time I was glad I found this novel. The author knows how to keep a reader hooked onto the story. This offered drama and romance as well as some comedy. I plan to read more of her novels in the foreseeable future.

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