didn’t expect this novel to be utterly good

The Girl Who Could Move Shit With Her Mind – Jackson Ford

Science fiction, mystery, thriller, fiction. 

Rating 11/10

Teagan has telekinetic powers and she is the only one to have them. Due to this, she is working for the government as a trade off from having doctors and scientists cut her open to do testing to see about her powers. Until someone was found dead in a particular way that makes her look like the murderer. She has only twenty four hours before clearing her own name. If she doesn’t find the murderer she will be trialed and sent to a lab facility. She would be erased from any records. Someone else in town has the same powers as she does. She hunts them down to confront them and bring them to light of justice. 

I got this mostly because of the title and the synopsis. This was utterly weird and I couldn’t believe that this book is hardly popular yet there are sequels so someone had to be reading it. I found myself laughing throughout this and intrigued with her perspective. I found myself reading this to the point where I lost track of time. I had such a fun time reading this novel and I might end up getting the sequels as well. This novel will take readers on a mystery thriller with a lot of science fiction involved. I also love where the novel takes place, which is Los Angeles. The descriptions of certain places, especially Skid Row, are vivid and really authentic. Other places described are rather realistic. The author must have been from Los Angeles to know the ultra specific areas and how they look. I enjoyed that in this book. I can’t wait to read more. I highly recommend this novel.


marriage counseling to the rescue!

Love Her or Lose Her – Tessa Bailey

Romance, marriage, life, fiction.

Rating 9/10

The couple, Rosie and Dominic, had been lovers for a long time, married, and living a wonderful life together. Or so they thought after their romance began to fade away into a schedule that felt meaningless. One night, Rosie had enough of this and felt that their marriage was falling apart. She had such big dreams and realized that none came true. Dominic sees that his wife is unhappy and feels that he’s the blame. She signs them up to do marriage counseling. At first, he didn’t want to but as their sessions went on, they both found themselves feeling like their teenage selves. They learned so much and continue to learn more about each other and themselves. Each of them putting into a dream they both desire.

I liked the title of the novel and was expecting this novel to go a different path of storytelling but instead I got something way better than I expected. Never judge a book by its cover nor synopsis. I learned that lesson with this novel. This was so good and well-paced. There wasn’t any rushing as some romance novels have that element. I felt as if I was in their relationship and I tried to pace myself when reading this novel. I couldn’t help it at all. I have to say I love some romances now. This one wasn’t as cheesy as the mainstream ones usually are, which, I prefer my romance straightforward and fresh. Yes, there is a theme of a marriage falling apart but Tessa Bailey took it and freshened it up by adding more to the narrative, making the narrative complex but not so much that the reader is left behind.

Living As Your Twin Brother Paid off in More Ways than One

Stealing Her – Rachel Van Dyken

Romance, drama, comedy, fiction.

Rating 9.9/10

Julian and Bridge were inseparable and always had each other’s backs. That was until their parents divorced, Julian got his father whereas Bridge got his mother. Years later as adults, Julian attempted to send a white flag of peace to Bridge and it failed. Julian’s fiancé Isobel was going to break off the engagement, but disaster struck, and Julian landed in the hospital in a coma that she doesn’t know about just yet. Bridge’s father comes to Bridge with an offer he can’t refuse. Bridge takes on the role of Julian until Julian wakes up from his coma. Bridge is forced to live a lie and realizes all that comes with that single lie.

I was weirded out by the title of this novel and was interested so I had grabbed it so fast. I began to read, and this was extremely fast paced. I read this within 4 hours of checking this novel from the library. I hadn’t binge read a book since middle school. This book was a page turner and kept me on my toes. I never had thought that I would ever pick up a book that made me feel exhilarated as this one did. I regret not taking my time with this novel, but at the same time I was glad I found this novel. The author knows how to keep a reader hooked onto the story. This offered drama and romance as well as some comedy. I plan to read more of her novels in the foreseeable future.

Life Changing Journey

The Perfect Predator: A Scientists Race to Save Her Husband from a Deadly Disease – Steffanie Strathdee and Thomas Patterson

Disease, life altering, life threatening, survival, nonfiction.

Rating 9/10

While on vacation, Steffanie and her husband Thomas, were having a great time and enjoying themselves. Unluckily her husband had contracted a disease that was not easily treatable at first. Further into the story, they go to hospitals and this disease that was contracted was untreatable and this was going to end with her husband possibly dying. All was a race to survive this disease but along the way, Steffanie never felt less of her husband nor left his side. She stayed by his side through thick and thin.

I found this nonfiction book to be very compelling as well as a page turner. My heart swelled and I had gotten goosebumps throughout reading this work. I thought, at first, that this was going to be bland and boring. I was happy I was wrong about my speculations of this work. I do recommend to read this nonfiction work if one is intrigued to hear survival stories and other accounts of survival told through other’s perspectives. This helped gained some knowledge but as a warning, do not self-diagnose and go see a doctor, no matter what the condition may be.