Passing Down The Family Business

Life and Other Inconveniences – Kristin Higgins


Rating 6/10

Emma was kicked out after confessing to her grandmother she was pregnant and deciding to keep the child. Genevieve London wanted all the best for her granddaughter despite finding out her mother killed herself. Gen didn’t want to coddle Emma and kicked her out. Years later, Gen feels like she is dying and wanted to pass down the family business to her great granddaughter but the task of bringing her to the estate is an issue. Gen created a white lie to bring Emma and Riley to her home. Emma became disappointed in that lie. Riley wanted to know the disappearance of her great grandmother’s firstborn’s death. As the truth is unveiled, life throws them all curveballs.

This was an acceptable novel. It was a slow read and was predictable in the most boring fashion. Either way, I expected this novel to have more than just a mystery and family drama. I don’t really have a strong opinion nor enough to say besides that. I preferred the other book this author wrote. I feel like this was rushed or the author didn’t know what direction she wanted to go in.


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