who is innocent and who is guilty?

Apples Never Fall – Liane Moriarty 

Mystery, thriller, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Joy went missing and the four Delany children suspect this mysterious woman that came into their lives. The police think it’s Stan, the husband who had claw marks on his face. Each of the four children looks at the evidence and tries to prove their father’s innocence. They recount the months before Joy went missing to try to see what went wrong. Stan couldn’t have killed his wife or did he do it. It is a race against time to find Joy and right as they were about to prove their father’s innocence a body is found. The four Delany children are now divided with the new evidence. 

I got this book because I couldn’t stop seeing this on all my social media and I do genuinely love this author. She is a master at her craft and there isn’t denying that. I stopped hesitating and decided to give this book a read when I totally shouldn’t have. Let me tell you, this novel got me messed up in a good way. The book was well written and I enjoyed the plot. The characters were really fun and different from the other characters that Moriarty had created. This novel will keep the reader guessing as to what happened to Joy. Even the characters would convince the reader of the different ways that Joy went missing. When all is revealed it would be an even bigger plot twist. I couldn’t get over how intricate the plot was nor how thick it was. This was a phenomenal novel. The best that Morariaty ever wrote and will be one of my top favorite authors.

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