Books or Movies/TV?

Books or Movies? 

The Book to Film Adaptations Inquiry and Rant (Pt 2)

Let’s talk about The Hunger Games Trilogy and Movies

The Hunger Games trilogy is a young adult dystopian novel about twelve districts sending two of their teenagers to the capital to train then eventually fighting to the death until one survives to be crowned the Victor of the Hunger Games that happens once a year. However, the first-ever Hunger Games had two victors, Katniss and Peeta, due to their ‘fake’ relationship that ‘blossomed’ just for folks to send in some life-saving assistance. Both were going to eat these berries that would have definitely killed them both but last minute the two became victors. Snow, the president, didn’t like this and this would lead to the rest of the series him trying to end Katniss and end the rebellion from the other districts. 

In the film adaptation, the first two books became movies and the final book was also a two-part film like Harry Potter’s final film, Deathly Hallows. In total, the Hunger Games cinematic experience is four movies. It is a lot of screen time and I felt that the adaptation from book to film was okay. They did change some stuff around like the perspectives were drastically different and some minor background characters had more involvement. There is no flag in the book but the film shows a flag which is one of the many things that were changed. Only the scores of the tributes were announced in the book but in the film, it was also district name and number. There was a casting difference as well because originally Katniss was supposed to have olive skin and black hair which in the film she was a brunette with fair skin. Peeta had brown eyes in the film but in the book, he was meant to have blue eyes. I know that casting is difficult because the important factor is the quality of the actors’ performance but they could have spent more time looking for more actors who looked more like the characters in the book. 

The trilogy in the total amount of pages only goes nearly as between seven to nine hundred at most. They have more descriptions and more information that the movie couldn’t fully provide since as I mentioned in a previous post, filmmakers have to fill within two hours per film. The novels are short and provide a quick reading experience. They are geared towards young adults but adults can enjoy the series as well. There is a perfect amount of action and romance as well. 

The books in my opinion are better than the films because they are more accurate and have the right descriptions of the world-building that the films lack or never added into the series. The movies are great for a good pastime but don’t accurately tell the Hunger Games trilogy nor do it justice as the novels had. 

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