My Favorite Way To Read and What I Usually Read

There are many different mediums in which one can select for reading. There are physical, e-books, and audio books. There are many genres and subgenres as well.

Within physical books there are many options of fiction, nonfiction. I typically read fiction and rarely read nonfiction. I do read e-books from time to time whenever I want to read a book that is an absolute must read. Audiobooks are a bit tougher for me because I am more visual reader than auditory reader.

In the realm of fiction there are many, and I do mean many, genres. Ranging from children’s literature to adult. In many different formats that are not just simply traditional forms. I also read mangas because they are fun to read and offer a lot of narratives and different stories.

I will read any of these genres of fiction. There are sub genres. I read a lot of science fiction, fantasy, and mystery. I began to recently read a handful of romances and diving into historical fiction.

With reading, it should never have to feel like a chore. It should be something that excites the reader to be. I grew up reading books faster than most of my peers could. My parents were happy that I preferred to read than be on my phone most of the time or going out to parties with friends. I was not a normal teenager by their standards.

Just wanted to share some insight of what I typically read and the different mediums I read from. Not just only that but the genres and subgenres I read too. Each person is very different and have different tastes of what they prefer to read and the medium. All forms as I mentioned above are VALID forms of reading.

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A bibliophile who loves literature of all kinds and listens to rock and metal music

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