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Takane & Hana (Vol 2) – Story and Art by Yuki Shiwasu

Romance, contemporary, manga, teen, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Still having to continue to pretend to be Takane’s prospective wife, Hana wishes that her sister who was actually the real person had taken up the responsibility. Takane invites her to a party where she has to meet his grandfather and still pretend. Hana wishes that the pretending would eventually end but fate has other plans for them. 

I was finally able to get my hands onto the second volume after waiting so long. I really like this faking it trope because I do find it hilarious. Especially since the outcome might be that the two of them will have a real relationship when the truth is revealed. This party that Takane invited her really made her probably be more into the idea of being his wife but she is too young as she is still in school. I do have an issue with the age but they aren’t doing anything inappropriate. Seems like she is pretending to be her sister for the sake of the dude more so and she gets stuff in return for helping out. I’m hoping that she is aged up more later and they do have a consensual relationship. I am pissed off that her sister got mad that she turned down this opportunity. Helping Hana is like living vicariously through her sister for this arranged marriage that she turned down and made her sister go through with the pretend facade. I can’t wait to get my hands on the third volume. This is really comedical and I also love the interactions between Takane and Hana.

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