hero aliases and internship madness

My Hero Academia Vol. 6 – Kohei Horikoshi

Heroes, villains, crime fighting, drama, comedy, manga, school, fiction.

Rating 9/10

The students of U.A. High are recovering and resting, however tragedy hits with Iida, his brother got attacked by the Hero Killer Stain. He tells no one other than everything is fine. Aizawa, their homeroom teacher tells them they must get some hero aliases for when they do their student internships at the different companies. Each student came up with their own, some needing more work than others. Midoriya picks Deku as his hero name. Aizawa gives all the students the possible internships they all can work for. Midoriya finds that Gran Torino wants Midoriya to be his intern. Midoriya finds him a little bit off but Gran Torino teaches him how to harness his powers and how to use his brain properly. They set off to do some hands-on experience when the League of Villains and Stain attack the city. Iida finds Stain in the middle of attacking a hero and decides to act on his own to fulfill his revenge. Midoriya finds Iida and Stain, he sends a message out to Todoroki to get help. They have to fight Stain and protect themselves long enough for the pro heroes to arrive.

This arc of student internships was one that I did like because this allowed more character development and interactions with the characters to create a neutrality among the class. With this arc, there is more information given to the audience of an indepth close look at other characters of why they are the way they are and how they want to change the world by becoming heroes. This was more exciting than the last arc to be honest. This had more characters introduced that as well are heroes and the agencies that the students do their internships at. I enjoyed this volume for the training scene between Gran Torino and Midoriya. That was weird but Gran Torino had some good points and he is such an old person stereotype with the severe dementia. Anyways this one was fun to read, and the artwork is highly detailed, some a bit too much.

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