to Hell and back

Reflection – Elizabeth Lim

Disney, Mulan, underworld, war, young adult, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Ping, Mulan disguised as a man, tried to save Shang and their army from the attack from Shen-Yu, goes wrong. Shang gets slashed and Shang tells Ping to leave him behind. Ping doesn’t want to follow orders and brings him along. Slowly taking care of him. Shang’s father comes to visit her to tell her to go rescue Shang because his time on Earth isn’t done. Shang is needed to save all of China. Mulan must go to Diyu to find Shang’s soul and bring him back alive. Throughout the journey, both were tested by the obstacles they face. Mulan reveals her true form to Shang and at first when all feels bleak, she gets left behind but Shang comes back to rescue her. Shang tells Mulan that they’re in this together. They must make their way out together[KS1]  and save China.

My best friend’s aunt saw this on the shelf of a Target and recommended me to read this to see if its worth reading. After binge reading through the book, I was relieved of the ending. I love how the author kept some dialogue from the movie in and the elements of the movie within the book along with Chinese mythology. I wish that this was in the actual movie, but this version was a bit dark and wouldn’t be suitable for children. I am nearly tempted in rereading this one because the narrative flows satisfactorily. I wish the novel was longer, but this was just enough for me. After reading this I watched the movie and found myself wanting to reread the book but maybe in the future I can do a movie to book comparison. I do recommend this one but not to read to children though. There are unsettling elements that might give children nightmares but mature enough for young adults and above to read.

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