to Hell and back

Reflection – Elizabeth Lim

Disney, Mulan, underworld, war, young adult, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Ping, Mulan disguised as a man, tried to save Shang and their army from the attack from Shen-Yu, goes wrong. Shang gets slashed and Shang tells Ping to leave him behind. Ping doesn’t want to follow orders and brings him along. Slowly taking care of him. Shang’s father comes to visit her to tell her to go rescue Shang because his time on Earth isn’t done. Shang is needed to save all of China. Mulan must go to Diyu to find Shang’s soul and bring him back alive. Throughout the journey, both were tested by the obstacles they face. Mulan reveals her true form to Shang and at first when all feels bleak, she gets left behind but Shang comes back to rescue her. Shang tells Mulan that they’re in this together. They must make their way out together[KS1]  and save China.

My best friend’s aunt saw this on the shelf of a Target and recommended me to read this to see if its worth reading. After binge reading through the book, I was relieved of the ending. I love how the author kept some dialogue from the movie in and the elements of the movie within the book along with Chinese mythology. I wish that this was in the actual movie, but this version was a bit dark and wouldn’t be suitable for children. I am nearly tempted in rereading this one because the narrative flows satisfactorily. I wish the novel was longer, but this was just enough for me. After reading this I watched the movie and found myself wanting to reread the book but maybe in the future I can do a movie to book comparison. I do recommend this one but not to read to children though. There are unsettling elements that might give children nightmares but mature enough for young adults and above to read.

Self Controlled Fertility?!

The Woman’s War – Jenna Glass

Science fiction, fertility, magic, spells, women, war, fiction.

Rating 9/10

A spell by three women was casted and now women can control their fertility. This spell only allows women choose when they wish to be pregnant and not by the choice of their partner. This changes the world dramatically as sudden changes occur. There is a need for an heir to claim the throne, otherwise, the throne is free for the taking. Fate of countries are in the hands of women and men are trying to take away their ability to control their fertility. Everything is at stake.

I loved this book because its different science fiction I’ve ever came across. A spell that allows the woman control whether or not she will become pregnant is a brilliant subject to tackle in this world where men are domineering. This book is slow at first, but it does pick up momentum as the story progresses. I highly recommend this novel whether one into science fiction or not. This was an excellent read.

They Made Several Movies Out of This One!

The War of the Worlds – H.G. Wells

Science fiction, English classic, fiction

Rating 8/10

The narrator makes note of astrological subjects and observes Mars closely. After an object, what was a shooting star, lands on Earth and what comes out looks weak to the observers. Unknowing that these Martians will unleash destruction on Earth. It’s a war against the Martians and humanity wins.

This was a unique English classical literature piece that was very science fiction and modern which I do not mind that at all. I enjoyed the novel. I only wished that it was more direct of who the narrator was. It was overall good, but I prefer a bit more direct character in first person, not some narrator in first person. It gets confusing and disruptive when one can’t tell who is recounting the story. 

Zombie Cliche

World War Z – Max Brooks

Zombies, war, oral history, apocalypse, fiction, survival

Rating 3/10

World War Z starts off with an epidemic of this disease that no one is sure of the origin of the disease, only that it made people who contract through a singular bite, become zombielike and very violent. Only that it had to come from a small village who thought the ones who got sick, demonic or possessed. Told as interviews through various perspectives of this war against the zombies. It is history from patient zero until after the war was done.

Not much to say other than not a fan of zombie stuff but wanted to give this novel a fair chance to prove a point that zombies may not just be boring supernatural creatures. This entire novel is cliché of all types of zombies and survival stories. It wasn’t thrilling as it is told from a historical point of view. Maybe if it wasn’t so cliché that I would have finished reading it but I can only handle so much zombie survival clichés in one sitting. Not sorry to give it a low rating.