Equality for All Blood Types

Glass Sword – Victoria Aveyard

Young adult, science fiction.

Rating 8.9/10

Mare and Cal escape from being executed by his brother Maven who is being puppeteer by his mother. Cal was controlled to kill the King, and this was a set up to ensure Mare would be killed because of her new blood abilities. Mare had learned that no one can be trusted and is cautious with Cal and everyone she encounters. Before the fall, an ally gives Mare a list of people who is just like Mare. She must hunt down the new bloods before Maven finds them and kills them.

Overall, this sequel is amazing. I love that there isn’t romance entangled into the mix. I prefer a revolution uprising without romance involved because the story line can get messy. This focuses in on reality of what Mare must fight for which is equality for all the various types of blood types. Not romance included in this novel’s story line. I enjoyed reading this and waiting to read more from this novel series.


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