Dimension Hopping

Dark Matter – Blake Crouch

Thriller, horror, mystery, science fiction.

Rating 9.1/10

Jason lives a happy life with his lovely wife and his teenager. One-night changes his life entirely as he is kidnapped and drugged. When he comes back alive, he realizes that everything he had is gone. His wife isn’t his wife, their kid doesn’t exist, and he is a major scientist. No one believes in his story. They all see him as a threat and chase after him for answers. He learns that he is in another dimension of reality. He must jump into various dimensions to hopefully find his own dimension before his world ends.

I love the mix of science fiction, horror, mystery, and thriller that this small book has to offer. Its compacted a lot of action and science fiction. Never a dull moment inside this novel. This plot becomes weird but makes sense with all the science theories involved. I wish this was longer, but I prefer a hasty cliff hanger for now. I do recommend this novel for those who are looking for some crazy science fiction horror thriller.


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