absolutely loved this novel

Aru Shah and The End of Time – Roshani Chokshi 

Children’s literature, fantasy, gods, goddesses, Hinduism, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Aru is willing to spin or tell any tale that may or may not get her to finally fit in but one tale that was spun was found out. She didn’t travel at all and these mean girls were to expose her if she didn’t rub this lamp. Aru told them that it was known to be bad news, that Lamp of Bharata was cursed, but these girls didn’t care. She rubs the lamp and suddenly something comes out at the same time everyone is frozen except for this bird. This bird introduces himself as a sidekick and wonders which Pandava’s brother unleashed the evil that was in the lamp. Aru tells him that it was her and he couldn’t believe that the Pandava had taken up a female incarnation. He tells her that they must find her sister. They find her sister, Mini. After both are told to then find the three keys to go into the Kingdom of Death to find weapons to stop the Sleeper from destroying the world by awakening the God of Destruction. They can’t have help from their Godly parent or previous incarnations. 

I saw one of the sequels of the novel and was intrigued. I didn’t get the sequels because I wanted to read the first book. I regret not getting the entire series because this first book was so well written and I thought it was Rick Riordan but it wasn’t. I loved the characters and the plot along with Hindu lore. This novel swallowed me whole and didn’t let me leave the world and I suffered a book hangover. I didn’t want to read another novel for a very long time because this was just breathtaking. I can’t wait to find the other part of the series to continue to see where Aru is sent and or goes through. 

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