Books or Movies?

The Book to Film Adaptations Inquiry and Rant

Let’s talk about TWILIGHT ECLIPSE film and novel 

So in the last film and book, Bella and Edward rekindled their love. Now in this film and book Edward asks Bella to marry him. She asks for him to change her. I find it rude that she called marriage a piece of paper which is sort of is but she disregards his feelings. She got punished for what had happened in the last book and film. Not only for disappearing but also trying to tell her that Edward is bad news. I agree that he is certainly bad news. I love how he is being the parent she needs and told her to go spend time with her other friends. He pointed out that Jacob was a really good friend to Bella. He was there for her during the events of the last film occurred. Edward is too controlling and manipulative. Not only that but always a liar to Bella. Alice foresaw something more dangerous and more troubling than not telling Bella. What bothers me is that he has super-hearing and can read minds which is really uncomfortable and invasive. 

Victoria made a comeback in this film and book because of the first book and film where Edward killed or rather destroyed her mate James who nearly killed Bella. She is being chased by not only the Cullen family but the Quiellete wolf tribe (I apologize for the misspelling?). Jacob comes to visit Bella at school to see if she was still human. There is a male pissing battle going on over Bella in this scene and she confronts him for not communicating with her. She goes with Jacob to the reservation and this makes Edward angry which pleases me. There is a bit about imprinting and he tells her what occurs. She tells him when she is set to become a vampire and he gets angry. I understand his anger because she chose the wrong guy. She chose wrong in my opinion. 

There are newborn vampires that are being created by Victoria that are now hunting Bella. There is a new security measure to protect Bella from vampires. This means that there is a new alliance having to be formed with the vampires and werewolves. There was a training montage that was interesting. Eventually, this caused Bella to have to be close quarters with both guys just for her safety. If she simply didn’t get interested in Edward and all that crap wouldn’t have been needed. Jacob would’ve been better for her in the long run. 

Overall the acting was alright except Kristin Stewart. She needs to work on displaying emotions better. I mentioned in the last film that can be applied to this as well. Minus the party bloodshed scene of course. The CGI of the wolves aged well for the film. Overall, I think both the book and film are equally bad but for the sake of saying which one is preferable the novel. 

I didn’t buy these movies I found old DVD copies because I do not want to give the author more money for this franchise that is bad with not only the romances but the plot overall. I borrowed the books from my local library. I had found out through this TikToker that she chose to exploit the very real tribe that this novel takes place in. Do your own research into this matter.

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