better than Game of Thrones

The Priory of the Orange Tree – Samantha Shannon

Fantasy fiction.

Rating 15/10

In the country of Inys, Berethnet family had ruled due to the Queen Sabran’s ancestors fighting The Nameless One and the only way to save the world from him was the succession of daughters ruling the kingdom. Sabran has a fear of not producing an heir and has every reason to. Her producing an heir is the only way to keep the Nameless One at bay. Some people who worship The Nameless One wants him to rise again so Sabran’s life is at risk. Provisions must be made to protect her at all costs. Ead had been at court for a long time due to her mission to protect and ensure the safety of the Queen Sabran. An attack on the castle brings Ead closer to Queen Sabran. Sabran found a suitor to help aid to produce an heir. Shortly after, the suitor was killed and Sabran miscarried. Ead had found out the truth of the attacks on the Queen and is on the run from being executed after an intimate night with Sabran. Ead returns to her homeland to try to find answers and repower her body. Even at home there is sinister plans and she must take flight again away. She finds Loth, someone who was at court who was banished for knowing the truth and was protecting the Queen. Loth and her make a return to save Sabran. Once Loth and Ead are in the castle, they go to find Sabran to tell her the truth and that there is a way to strike down The Nameless One. Sabran agrees and gives Loth and Ead protection as well as permission to do what they need to do. This will take many united nations to defeat The Nameless One.

This book, as thick and dense, was a journey with a lot of material to cover was fun to read. I do prefer my fantasy to be long this book was perfect. I can’t explain how much I loved this book. There was a lot of lore but in doses that allowed the reader to follow the narrative and plot. I only including some but not everything because I want to not spoil the novel and I highly suggest anyone who picks up this book to go forth and read. This is nothing like I had ever read before and I loved this book so much. I know I am repeating myself, but I can’t help but to say. My boyfriend had surprised me with this novel as of recently and I was glad he took notice that I was interested in this novel but couldn’t buy it a while ago. I was honestly waiting until the library had it to read it. Unfortunately, as I write this, all libraries are closed due to this corona virus pandemic, I do say, order this book because this novel was amazing and took me to a whole different dimension that was very colorful and intriguing.

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