When Fake Becomes Too Real

The Real Deal – Lauren Blakely

Romance, fake boyfriends, drama, comedy, fiction.

April hates every time there is a family reunion, her mother and aunts try to set her up with some guy in Wistful. April decided to bring buffer, but her buffer has something he has to go to leaving April potentially alone. However, her friend refers to this guy who can act like anything she would possibly want. Theo is looking for work to help pay the bills and pay his brother’s ex off who is money hungry. Theo sees this request and is glad. April and Theo meet each other and make rules that this is strictly an acting job nothing more nothing less. As time progresses, April’s family falls in love with Theo and its evident that April and Theo caught feelings for each other. A storm comes and makes the two really question everything.

When I grabbed this novel off the shelf and the library, I didn’t know what to expect besides the synopsis on the back. After reading this novel the first time, I was impressed. Reading again and I don’t know how this works, but the story got more hilarious. I love how the best friend in the story predicts the romance ending. I had to buy this book and recently bought it. I am going through all the stuff I’ve read and borrowed from the library to not only reread it, but to have in my ever-growing collection of books.