He Got Out :0

The Friend Zone – Abby Jimenez

Contemporary romance, infertility, fiction.

Rating 9.8/10

Kristen has a condition that prevents her from ever having children. Other than that, she is a woman who manages her own business and has a boyfriend in the Military who is hardly ever home. Josh is a guy who got away from his hometown due to his breakup with this woman who didn’t want him anymore. Josh and Kristen meet after a rear-ending accident, there is instant chemistry that both tried to deny. Both are at points of their lives where they can’t find a middle. After she breaks up with her boyfriend and cuts off things with Josh, life begins to spiral for both causing them to be in each other’s lives for good.

I was expecting something else, but this novel really surprised me. I love romance comedies for a reason, and this proved exactly why they’re great. Equal amounts of tears and laughter. The heart felt part of this story was when Kristin is dealing with infertility because many women do struggle to become fertile. As serious of a topic that is, the character balances out the sadness with some snarky comedy. I highly would reread this novel on any day. I finished this book in a single day. That’s how great the novel was. I wished this novel was longer because I felt that the narrative could’ve been longer. Anyways, a great book. Go find it. Read it. With a box of tissues and be ready to have lungs ache from all the laughter.