I understand the hype….

Crave – Tracy Wolff

Young adult, supernatural, vampires, dragons, werewolves, witches, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Grace is arriving to Alaska to a private school her uncle and cousin reside at after losing her parents in a fatal car crash. On day one she is warned by tall, dark, and handsome to stay away from certain people there as well as her cousin. She doesn’t understand besides the fact that there are cliques here too. Her attention is drawn to two boys who have anger towards each other. Jaxon and Flint. Jaxon is the tall dark and handsome that warned her about himself. Flint is much friendlier and kind to Grace. Except when she experiences near death experiences, it is revealed to her that she is surrounded by the supernatural and she herself was supposed to be a witch. She finds herself in a supernatural war.

I had to get this book to understand why the hell is the hype for. I’ve seen this book all over Tik Tok as well as my Instagram feed. I decided to get this book. I understand the hype now. This novel had a lot of Twilight vibes and a few references of the Twilight book. The main character is funny, and I liked her with Flint. I felt that Jaxon felt too much like Edward Cullen and the distasteful character he has immediately made him unlikeable. The fact that Jaxon gave her the Twilight book gave away a lot about his character and it was ironic that he would compare himself to that god awful character. I prefer Flint so yeah. I was shocked by the fact that there was a dragon shifter. That blew my mind and made me love Flint even more. I thought this was going to be a vampire versus wolf shifter but no. The writing was well done, and I liked how chapters were short too. I don’t like chapters that are too long where it’s a snooze fest. I may continue the series in the future but not so sure if I really want to dive into a book series where the protagonist love interest is a duplicate of a Twilight character that I hated a lot. I do recommend this book though.