Watch Out

Arkham Horror: To Fight the Black Wind – Jennifer Brozek

Mystery, horror, thriller, Arkham Horror, fiction.

Rating 7/10

Doctor Fern gets a new patient who has nightmares that leave symbols or glyph shaped wounds across her back and legs. Josephine begs Doctor Fern to help her since the previous doctor couldn’t help. Fern goes and tries to find ways to help Josephine and tests out a few therapies to help Josephine. It’s the Black Wind claiming power. Fern has never faced this before and is unprepared to go against this being.

I saw this shelf at a game store and its based from the Arkham Horror Game. However, this is a stand-alone novella that can be read without playing the game. This was a pleasure to read and it was so thrilling I finished the book in a day. Given that this book is small but has a punch of mystery, horror, and thrilling elements. I kind of wished that this novella was longer but it’s a novella for a reason. I enjoyed reading this book. I recommend this book for anyone who’s into this genre.

This Book Is Controversial?

Gone with The Wind – Margret Mitchell

Historical fiction, civil war, romance, action, adventure

Rating 10/10

In this historical fiction tale, “Gone with The Wind” by Margret Mitchell, tells a wind blowing story of how the old south was forever changed in the Civil War. Instead of hearing from the victor’s side, this novel tells a story of how a lifestyle was forever changed through eyes of southerners or as they call themselves, the Confederates. A large focus on the main protagonist, Scarlett O’Hara, goes through trials and tribulations. How to survive and thrive in a fast-changing world. Scarlett does what ever it takes to survive in this environment. Even as far as marrying a man who she does not love to stay rich. After having two husbands die, became a widow twice, her third husband walks out on her. She developed feelings for him and regrets not seeing how she truly loves him. This book left off as a cliff hanger, but the main purpose of this work is telling the other side of the story. Also, on that note this book is controversial for its themes and everyone is entitled to view this book in different opinions and viewpoints.

I had seen the movie during high school, and I thank my history teacher for showing us this movie. I sought out to read the novel. I loved the novel in a weird way. Hearing from the other side is good, not that I am saying what the south did was good, but it is vital to hear both sides of the stories rather than the victor’s side. Scarlett O’Hara is my favorite character and her determined personality is admirable.

Mitchell, Margaret. Margaret Mitchells Gone with the Wind. Avon Books, 1986.