the royal reveal

Siren – Sophia Elaine Hanson

Dystopian, music, weapons, young adult, science, fiction

Rating 11/10

Ronja finds out that her father is exiled royalty. They had fled Revinina to the shores of Tovaire to find safety to regroup and plan an attack on Revinina. Also, to save their friends of the revolution. Ronja must convince all of Tovaire to help her. This takes a lot of convincing between her, Roark, and other people who managed to escape with the new kingdom. Once they established an alliance, Ronja becomes passionate towards getting back her friends and family and enacting revenge on those who messed with her.

I binged this final book of the series and cried. Such a beautiful ending. I wish I did not finish the series so fast, but I could not help it. I loved the writing and the way the story just kept me from putting this book down. One would have to order these books and go on this journey themselves. The characters are lovable and memorable.