this was a better vampire story than twilight~

Thirst: The Last Vampire – Christopher Pike

Vampires, fantasy, young adult, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Alisa Perne is her fake and temporary name; her real name is Sita. Sita has lived over five thousand years. She was contacted by a private investigator in regards of her. Detective Riley tells her that he knows some things and cannot tell her these things. She gets little information out of him before killing him. Sita plans to find his son, whose later becomes apparent to be Ray. She has her people adjust her fake student persona and align most of the classes with him. Sita needs Ray to help her get into the computer that has the information in regards of who is investigating her so she will play dumb and innocent to Ray. After retrieving the information, she contacts Mr. Slim, a name Detective Riley had uttered before she murdered him. When he comes to pick her up to take her somewhere, she requests who he works for. In that moment, she realized that she needed Seymour, a nerd friend she made while at the school, to come pick her up from the nearby gas station where she was taken to. Seymour arrives and helps her out. Sita makes plans to meet the person who created her, Yakasha, and put an end to him before he ends her.

This is apart of a series called Thirst and I will do the individual books separately as each book of this series deserves individual recognition of every book. This book series is about nine books long, but I love this series so much. I had been eagerly collecting this book series in middle school and begged to finish the rest of the collection as I love Sita. This is not a typical vampire story that is like the others in this genre of Young Adult. I think it was after reading this book, I really fell for her entirely and needed to continue the series. She was just a total badass and I had to reread it as of recent. I did have to retrieve this from my parents’ garage though. The condition is old and weathered but still readable. I found myself binge reading so fast and forgot how awesome Christopher Pike made this female protagonist. She does have weaknesses as equally of strengths. The writing is a bit fast paced; it makes up for the plot that is addicting to read. The characters interactions are very natural, and nothing feels forced. The imagined lore is so detailed and sparsely spread out throughout the novel. I do recommend hunting this book down if one is into vampire novels but want something that is way better than Twilight. The Twilight Series could never ever be as awesome as this novel’s series. Sorry, not sorry.


can’t get caught…

Rosario + Vampire Vol. 1 – Akihisa Ikeda

Vampires, mystical creatures, high school, manga, Young Adult, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Tsukune got news that he is going to high school and doesn’t think twice of how his parents managed to get him into the high school. During the bus ride through a long tunnel, something spooky happens, he is dropped off in the middle of nowhere. He tries to follow the path marked to where his new high school is. He comes across a girl and her name is Moka. What scares the living daylights out of him is that she sucked his blood! He eventually finds out he was enrolled in a monster high school. Tsukune must make through the days surrounded by creatures without being caught that he is a human.

I originally had seen the anime version of this manga and never read it until after digging through the library database. I don’t regret the hour it took to find this manga. The anime remained true to the manga completely. I appreciated reading this manga so much that I reread it because it was so terrific. I wish I could’ve found the rest of the series, but I’d rather hold off for later. Slowly enjoy the manga series. Either way, if one is wanting to read a good decent vampire manga, this is the one.

This One was INTENSE

Interview with A Vampire – Anne Rice

Vampires, horror, fiction.

Rating 10/10

A vampire seeks out this interviewer to record and tell his story of his life. He tells how he was transformed into a vampire and how he struggled to survive. This vampire witnessed a lot of events throughout his lifetime and is not shy to tell all.

I love the idea and simplicity of this intense novel. I had read this years ago and recently decided to reread the novel. I forgot how chilling the novel is and how intricate the plot was. I highly recommend reading this if one is interested in vampires of the no sparkling kind. Anne Rice is queen for making vampire horror fiction.