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Undercover Bromance – Lyssa Kay Adams

Romance, comedy, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Braden Mack has a bad luck streak with women, despite reading romance novels, he still has bad luck. Braden does not want to be like his father who abused women and strides to make sure he doesn’t repeat the cycle. Liv can’t trust men due to her own flaws of not trusting them since her lying father left. One-night working at Savoy, a restaurant Liv works at, their paths cross. Due to a cupcake accidentally falling Liv gets reprimanded and so does this other chef by the boss Royce. Liv overhears this conversation and tries to intervene costing her a job. Braden goes after Liv to try to give her a job, but she wants to expose Royce for sexual harassment of the employees. Braden and Liv work together to expose Royce and work on learning to trust each other.

I loved the first book and was eager to read this second book of the series. For me I was interested in everything the synopsis had to offer and this was more of a romance comedy. There is a lot of funny moments as equally as there are some sentimental moments and erotic moments. A perfect amount of each that made this book so pleasurable to read. I am anticipating the next book of this Bromance Series and happy that the first book might get its own movie which brings me so much joy. I do recommend this novel to anyone who wants a good romance comedy to sit and read. I loved this book a lot that I simply binge read it within a day. I could not resist finishing this book and made me believe that not all romance novels are bad. Just the heavily emphasis cliched ones are terrible. The mere idea of men forming a book club to read romance novels puts a smile on my face. Romance novels are not just for women alone. I would like to think men can read them too.