i waited FOREVER and it was WORTH IT

Ready Player Two– Ernest Cline

Science fiction, Fiction.

Rating 11/10

Wade and his friends become the new owners of Oasis and GSS enterprises. In secret, a new technology was revealed to Wade, the ONI headset. This headset allowed users to safely experience all their senses during their duration of time on OASIS. Anything was possible. Wade and his friends, minus Artemis, agree to make this into an affordable device, a new riddle appears as well. It takes a rogue version of Anorak to make the high Five must retrieve what was said in the riddle.

I really loved this novel and I think I liked this more than the first because there was a slow build up. However, it was not boring build up either. The twist should have been predictable for Wade, but some characters are just oblivious at times. I would have liked this novel to be longer but unfortunately it would not have fit the plot purpose. The writing was fantastic, and all the references was so incredible. If you are a Prince lover, you would appreciate some of this book for sure. The ending however feels like there might be a third book in this series. Secretly I am hoping for another book in the series because I do not feel that the ending was justified and was too much of a cliff hanger. I do recommend reading the first book then this book as well. This was worth the wait.


life after loss

The Two Lives of Lydia Bird – Josie Silver

Romance, loss, death, mourning, soul search, healing, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Lydia loved Freddie and longed to be his wife and mother of their children. On his way to her place to pick her up for her surprise dinner, he had to make a detour to pick up their mutual friend, Jonah. When he was on his way to her place, their last conversation on the phone will forever be ingrained in her memories. The police come knocking on her door telling her that Freddie died, and Jonah survived. For a couple weeks she mourns for Freddie and her family tries to soothe her. Only in her dreams, Freddie is very much alive and prefers to dream than face reality. A whole year goes by and Lydia realizes that she can’t be mourning his death no more as well for the dreams that offer her an alternative reality. Lydia decides to live her life to the fullest.

I was forever wanting to read this book because of the bittersweet reviews I have read. Also, to see why this book was popular and trending everywhere on the internet. After finishing the book, I sort of predicted the ending prior to finishing, but decided to read through just because I loved how the author describes the different stages of losing someone. Not everyone goes through the same processes as others would. This novel really had me in tears until the end. Most happy tears though.

Snakes and Spiders OH MY!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Year Two – J.K. Rowling

Fantasy, witches, wizards, schools, England.

Rating 9/10

Harry Potter had returned to the Dursleys after his first year of school at Hogwarts. It had been very eventful for Harry. He gained actual friends. Made it into the Quidditch team. Survived his near-death encounter with Lord Voldemort. However, when it came to his birthday, he hadn’t gotten any letters from anyone. When a house elf, Dobby, turns up on his bed, Dobby confessed what he had done to Harry for a good reason. Harry was to not return to Hogwarts due to impending doom that was to be unleashed at the school. Harry disagrees and continues to want to go to school so Dobby got him into trouble with the Dursleys. Vernon locks Harry into his bedroom and puts bars on his window. Unknowingly that later Ron and his brothers would come rescue Harry. Only barely starting year two, something sinister has been happening in Hogwarts. A petrified cat and some students turn up as well as a disturbing message that the heir of Slytherin returned to Hogwarts to open the Chamber of Secrets and the evil inside unleashed on mud-bloods. Ginny, Ron’s little sister disappeared and its up to Harry to find her and bring her back safely. Harry encounters Tom Riddle who had been using a diary to speak to Ginny to do terrible deeds. Tom plans to use her body to become his true self, Lord Voldemort. Harry must stop the basilisk. With the help of a phoenix, a sorting hat, and the Sword of Grodrick Gryffindor, he kills the basilisk and the diary. He saves Ginny and Hogwarts as well, becoming a hero again.

Well this book had scared the shit out of me in my younger years, but I did enjoy this book as much as I had with the first. After this book I was wanting to continue to follow Harry’s journey to survival at Hogwarts and all his adventures. My heart ached for Harry and I deeply had wished he had a normal wizard life without ever encountering Lord Voldemort ever but that is the whole basis of the entire book series. I got a bit too far with myself there. Anyways I feel like this shouldn’t be just a children’s book. It is a genre that seems mutual enough for all ages to read.

Aftermath = Punishment

Ascenders: Skypunch Book Two – C.L. Gaber

Supernatural, young adult, fiction, death, afterlife, school, teenagers

Rating 10/10

In the next installment comes another adventure for our protagonists, Walker Callagan and Daniel Reid. After rescuing Daniel’s little brother, Walker seeing her mother for the last time, and escaping demons, they return to the afterlife alive. Sadly, what fate was store for them was a fate worse than being distinguished by demons. Being sent to the ITT, a place where criminally disturbed teenagers go to face punishment for eternity. Walker does what ever possible to stay alive and stay sane for Daniel. Hopefully Daniel is doing what he can to stay sane as well. The Godfather gives Walker an assignment, to ghost write, his memoir in exchange of freedoms as well as letting her beloved have freedoms if Daniel does what the GF tells him to do. Play Hockey and bring home the trophy or Walker is sent to the Hole for six months to mentally rot. A clairvoyant by the named of Cass, comes and visits Walker. Also, Cass sort of found Walker’s mother and began assisting her mother just to torment Walker into possibly dating him, Even though he is alive and she isn’t. Anyways Walker and Daniel are given a task that they retrieve an item lost in history or face going back to the ITT. It is a dangerous mission that involves training with not only students from the Academy and ITT but also another school that is called FREAKS that inhabit teenagers with special mental powers.

This second installment of this book series, Ascenders, kept me wanting to read it nonstop. It was hard to put down because I wanted to figure out what is happening and what will happen. I swear this book is worth reading! Again, the author Gaber got me craving for the next page to the point I find myself nearly finishing the book. Can’t wait to read the next one which I will be doing a book review for and will be posted after this one.