… really weird?

A Totally Awkward Love Story – Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison

Love, dating, romance, comedy, young adult, fiction.

Rating 8/10

Sam and Hannah are done with school and want to, before summer ends, have their virgin card taken away by someone worthy of taking it. Sam and Hannah meet each other at a party inside a toilet and awkwardly discuss hot grape juice and other things. They didn’t introduce each other so they don’t know each other’s name. Hannah leaves Sam in the bathroom. Hannah is close to losing her v-card except the guy pukes so she’s forever in the virgin category. Sam wants to find her, and Hannah wants to find him. Over the course of summer, they randomly cross paths and realize they are meant for each other.

This book was all right. Did not hate it though. There was more comedy than romance in which made me laugh so hard at times. I needed something that was light and fun to read. This novel was perfect. I am sad that this was such a small book though. I do recommend if one wants to read a fun romance that is full of comedy. The character interactions were fun and delightful too. Character designs also drove the plot further.


Horrible Dystopian YA Novel!

Eve of Man – Giovanna and Tom Fletcher

Dystopian fiction, science fiction, young adult, fiction.

Rating 2/10

In a world where practically all women have died out and the existing women are kept away, Eve, the first female born in fifty years is welcomed into the world. Eve must remain pure and trained, expected to renew the human society. At the ripe age, she has to choose a suitor to repopulate the society, hopefully with more girls. There is trouble along the way, making Eve choose between her destiny or forging her own path.

I found this novel interesting at first, then disturbed that this novel is marketed towards the youth, meaning teenagers. The idea is great for maybe the older audience and the protagonists could be older, but the way the two authors wrote the novel and had prepared the plot was insufficient. Anyways overall, I will not be reading this novel any time soon. Storytelling should be taken seriously and creating a plot is not a walk in the park because a writer must create art with consideration of all elements. This novel lacked a lot of elements and seemed inconsistent with details.