The Last Time We Met – Maggie Brown & Leni Hanson

Romance, LGBTQ+, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Merritt returns from being apart of doctors without boarders and at the airport, a blast from the past is there. Austen, her musician crush fling is there and what is horrible is that she didn’t recognize Merritt. Austen denied but she knew very well who this mysterious woman is. Their paths cross once more at a Gala. They slowly get to know each other, and love doesn’t keep them apart. A romance blossoming that proves that they were meant to be together.

I loved this novel. I thought the slow burn was perfect and was expecting for one or the other to come forward with their feelings. The writing is beautiful, and the characters felt realistic. I love the fact that this wasn’t just erotic smut, and it was more about the characters interactions and feelings. The novel moves at a slow pace which made the romance a rather slow burn. I occasionally read slow burns, but not often enough. I want to read more of this genre and would be very much interested in reading more from this author.


very interesting…

The Time of Contempt: A Novel of the Witcher, Book 2 – Andrzej Sapkowski

Fantasy, video games, Netflix, fiction.

Rating 8/10

Geralt must protect Ciri until she can gain the control of her powers as well as her destiny for greatness. However, there are trouble at the Wizard’s Guild, someone wants to overthrow the guild and Triss must decide upon her life and her future. She is also enlisted to protect Ciri as well. The relative calm is destroyed by chaos overthrown by an unknown enemy.

I found this novel to be intriguing and interesting. However, the chapters are insanely long and bores me to death on the lengthiness. The chapters can be easily divided into smaller chapters and the story line would still make sense. Why does the chapters have to be so long? I would never understand nor want to understand because that is the author’s purpose. It’s the genre but I’ve read fantasy novels with much shorter chapters. Overall, I did enjoy the book besides the lengthy chapters. I won’t let that get to me much. I can’t get over with the interactions between the Witcher and Triss. Ciri is becoming dangerous kind of scares me since she is only a teenager.

Sad and Depressing!

How to Stop Time – Matt Haig

Science fiction, fantasy, fiction.

Rating 4/10

Tom is a man with a rare condition where he ages slower than most. Since this condition exists only with a group of individuals, Tom has lived nowhere for too long and has lived through history, being a part of history. Tom recollects the times in which he has lived and the memories. Tom misses his mother and his daughter whom shares his condition and has yet disappeared, leaving Tom wanting to find her. Tom was relocated by the society back to his hometown in England to be a history teacher at a high school. When he sees the French professor, he instantly is falling for her, but he must remember the one rule he must obey, never fall in love at all. Love can be risky especially since Tom’s condition allows him to slowly age unlike other humans. Tom finds out he knows where his daughter is and must top reminiscing the past and finally live in the present.

I genuinely do not how to feel about this science fiction novel. It felt all over the place personally. Too much reflecting on the past rather than the now of the story. It may seem like a purpose to tell about the character’s long agonizing past, but it never fitted in with the plot of the story. This novel would be better if there were organized time skips. The other issue that I had with this novel is that this character’s life, Tom’s, was utterly depressing. One would think if a man lived so long, he would have had more exciting stories to tell. Anyways, overall this novel was mediocre for what this novel is, given that it is science fiction.

Time Can Reveal A Lot!

The School for Good and Evil: A Crystal of Time – Soman Chainani

Children fiction, young adult fiction, adventure, fairy tales

Rating 10/10

Agatha is on the run and struggles to survival as well as come to terms with who the now false king is. Sophie is forced to marry the false king and become Queen. Sophie finds out she was lied to and once again made the villain except this time she didn’t want this. Sophie wants justice and what’s right. Agatha makes new alliances and creates an army. Sophie makes a deal. It takes an army of a school and many alliances to defeat the False King. Time reveals the many truths that are darker than things seem.

I love the whole message of unity to defeat evil and restore good. This fifth book is better written and well thought int than the rest hence why it probably took forever to write and publish. Quick paced and really difficult to put down, ended binge reading this novel. I am so angry that this book was left as a cliff hanger. Means possibly another book which I now heavily anticipate.