she is now human? what?!

Thirst: Phantom – Christopher Pike

Vampires, fantasy, young adult, fiction.

Rating 8/10

After the explosion and aftermath of the events at the government facility, Sita wakes up in a hotel room as a human. She cannot believe this at all that she is somehow human thanks to this Arturo’s, an old chemist and ex-lover, setup that made him a hybrid of a human and vampire. This setup transformed her into a human. She goes to Seymour to give him the news and inform him of this mysterious person who knew her birth name. Later on, Ray finds her and she is overly excited that she can do human things such as start a family. He helps start their family. The only unsettling aspect is the child’s quick development that is unnerving. Once her baby is born, she names her Kalika, one who destroys. Sita reconnects to Seymour to tell him everything. Seymour tells her that something is wrong here and that Kalika is an evil creature. Later, Sita is mortified and wished she listened to Seymour.

I was happy and sad that Sita was turned into a human. She seemed to be better off as a vampire but she could be normal for a change. Unfortunately, that normal only lasted for a brief amount of time until she got pregnant with this vampire creature that isn’t entirely a vampire but something rather sinister. I remember buying this book because I was eager to see what lies in store for Sita. This was rather strange, but I did like it. Rereading this kept me on my toes as the first time I read this novel. I must remind myself to expect the unexpected when it comes to this series.


loss and instant revenge…

Thirst: Red Dice – Christopher Pike

Vampires, fantasy, young adult, fiction.

Rating 7/10

Sita mourns the loss of her lover, Ray, after she had thoroughly took down Eddie Fender and ended Yakasha completely. Before Yakasha died, he offered Sita his power to make her stronger. She is grateful for that and uses it to help herself and Joel Drake, an investigator that helped her locate Yakasha’s body. Both are on the run now from law enforcement due to the acts of terrorism they saw but, Sita was taking down a great and terrible evil. In the middle of ethe escape, her accomplice Joel, was taken into the government facility and she has to rescue him. Her worst fears come to light and it is a rush to save Joel.

I did not really like this book as much as I did with the first two. This book was good and made sense just did not like the new plot. Did not make entire sense to had turned Joel into a vampire for an unjust reason. I understand that Sita lost her love of her life but replacing that person with another but that was a horrible way of grieving. Nonetheless, Sita isn’t perfect and that is what I like about her. This author continues to build the lore slowly when the information was needed which is great. The information is sparsely spread out for the reader to dissect and interpret to the plot line. I do not like information unloading all at once. I prefer breadcrumbs. Overall, I do like the series it is just this book I wasn’t a fan of.

a worse evil lurks

Thirst: Black Blood – Christopher Pike

Vampires, fantasy, young adult, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Sita revisits Los Angeles due to the sudden rise of horrific violence. Not wanting to be away for a while because she wants to be there to help Ray, her new lover she turned vampire to save his life, feed. He reminds her of her husband she had long ago, Rama, who looks eerily alike to Ray. She wants to know what is going on until she comes across some barely inexperienced newborn vampires. It is impossible because she ended Yakasha in the fire. Or did she. She goes back to Seymour to check in on him and to talk with him. He offers that maybe Yakasha is not truly dead. Sita later finds out there was a body recovered from the explosion and that same body went missing as well as Eddie Fender, someone who took care of the bodies in the morgue. Sita plans to hunt him down and end not only the newborn vampires he has created but including him.

This second novel in the series was very well thought into and detailed that made sense to the plot of the narrative. We meet some new characters as well as see a new romance budding. Some people might say it’s out of guilt that there is a romance but Sita acknowledges that Ray is not her old husband Rama. I love their chemistry. However, this was thoughtfully made and connects to the first novel. I remember that this part made me officially stay with this universe that Christopher Pike has created.

this was a better vampire story than twilight~

Thirst: The Last Vampire – Christopher Pike

Vampires, fantasy, young adult, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Alisa Perne is her fake and temporary name; her real name is Sita. Sita has lived over five thousand years. She was contacted by a private investigator in regards of her. Detective Riley tells her that he knows some things and cannot tell her these things. She gets little information out of him before killing him. Sita plans to find his son, whose later becomes apparent to be Ray. She has her people adjust her fake student persona and align most of the classes with him. Sita needs Ray to help her get into the computer that has the information in regards of who is investigating her so she will play dumb and innocent to Ray. After retrieving the information, she contacts Mr. Slim, a name Detective Riley had uttered before she murdered him. When he comes to pick her up to take her somewhere, she requests who he works for. In that moment, she realized that she needed Seymour, a nerd friend she made while at the school, to come pick her up from the nearby gas station where she was taken to. Seymour arrives and helps her out. Sita makes plans to meet the person who created her, Yakasha, and put an end to him before he ends her.

This is apart of a series called Thirst and I will do the individual books separately as each book of this series deserves individual recognition of every book. This book series is about nine books long, but I love this series so much. I had been eagerly collecting this book series in middle school and begged to finish the rest of the collection as I love Sita. This is not a typical vampire story that is like the others in this genre of Young Adult. I think it was after reading this book, I really fell for her entirely and needed to continue the series. She was just a total badass and I had to reread it as of recent. I did have to retrieve this from my parents’ garage though. The condition is old and weathered but still readable. I found myself binge reading so fast and forgot how awesome Christopher Pike made this female protagonist. She does have weaknesses as equally of strengths. The writing is a bit fast paced; it makes up for the plot that is addicting to read. The characters interactions are very natural, and nothing feels forced. The imagined lore is so detailed and sparsely spread out throughout the novel. I do recommend hunting this book down if one is into vampire novels but want something that is way better than Twilight. The Twilight Series could never ever be as awesome as this novel’s series. Sorry, not sorry.