one of the books that TIKTOK made me buy out of curiosity

The Girls I’ve Been – Tess Sharpe

Swindlers, swindlings, hostages, bi-sexuality, LGBTQ+, young adult, fiction. 

Rating 8/10

Nora finds herself going to the bank with her girlfriend and running into her ex-boyfriend. Fate makes things more awkward is that the bank is being robbed thus making them forced into a small space. Nora comes up with a plan with having known the art of conning; she plans to con the robbers. She gathers information and some tools then makes herself a valuable person to these con artists. What they don’t know is that she was trained to be the best con artist and she is going to pull the biggest con. 

I was so intrigued by the synopsis and wanted to see how this would end up. This book was not easy to find that wasn’t an e-book format. I wanted the physical hardback because the art on the spine was so pretty and my bird brain was like… I want this. LOL. Anyways, I loved the diverse characters. The pacing was great and organization was splendid. I loved the writing and excellent storytelling. However I felt that some passages were too short and not as descriptive as others. I loved how the first half of the book was written and the second half I felt it was alright.

Never Gamble On This

Con Academy – Joe Schreiber

Swindlers, swindling, conduct of life, preparatory schools, schools, gambling, fiction.

Rating 5/10

Will Shea arrived at this private prestigious school with the most sad and depressing backstory. However, one individual doesn’t believe in that story, Andrea Dufresne. She caught the lie and he omit the con story. After hearing a bit more about Andrea, he confronts her about her con story, and she comes clean. Both mutually agree that the two of them can’t stay there. They make a gamble of who can make a mark on this rich dude and whoever wins stays at the school and the looser must leave. Through gambling and intense situations, his life and her life are endangered. It what happens when gambling and scamming goes over the extreme.

This novel was mediocre and predictable to the point I didn’t even have to finish reading the novel. However, it was interesting to see how the plot thickened anyways. I wouldn’t recommend this book to read at all. Unless you’re into gambling, this might be just for you.