Hate Becomes LUST

The Unhoneymooners – Christina Lauren

Comedy, romance, love stories, honeymoons, faking relationships, fiction.

Rating 9.9/10

Olive Torres is the opposite of her twin sister Ami personality wise but looks exactly like her. Only difference is Ami gets good luck and Olive gets bad luck. While at a wedding party, everyone minus her and this other guy gets food poisoning. Ami and her now husband ask Olive to go but the only problem is she must go with the groom’s brother whom she despises, Ethan. Both agree to play the happily new wed couple on the honeymoon that was paid for. As they spend time together on the honeymoon, both learn more about each other, and a relationship between them blossom as time progresses.

I was blown away with the title and synopsis. I had waited a while for the library to have this novel. I am a fan of this author and wasn’t surprised with the plot. I was sort of predicting that hate would attract lust between two people, it’s a fun trope that I enjoy. This novel was so incredible on many levels. Perfect amount of romance and comedy with lovable characters and subplots that involve the protagonist and the love interest.



Roomies – Christina Lauren

Marriage, contemporary women, love stories, romance, fiction.  

Rating 3/10

Holland fell for this musician she stumbled upon while taking an adventure from her apartment to the subway. After a nasty fall, its clear that he saved her life. Holland wants to give him a reward, a role in one of her uncle’s play. Unfortunate she learns that he is an illegal immigrant and she thought of a way for him to stay, she decides to marry him and pretend being married, until pretending became reality.

I didn’t really like this novel. It felt too rushed in my opinion as well as a overused trope. Nothing fresh here.

Hate you/Love you

After – Anna Todd

Love stories, college, fiction.

Rating 8/10

Tessa is leaving home to go to college. She is accompanied by her mother and her boyfriend, Noah to the campus housing. After getting the room assignment, Tessa meets her roommate whom her mother and boyfriend already don’t like. After they leave, Tessa introduces herself to Steph and Steph tells her to come to the party. Tessa runs into the infamous Hardin who is bipolar and intriguing that draws Tessa in. After some interactions, she ends up hooking up with this moody guy. Tessa becomes someone who she doesn’t recognize but is grateful for the change. Life becomes less boring for Tessa with Hardin in her life. An unknown bet comes between the two and a storm happens.

I didn’t know that this was previously a One Direction fanfiction and was surprised that this was decent. I had blindly picked this novel off the shelf and didn’t know until a fellow classmate commented about the book. I must be more careful about blindly choosing books off the shelves. I only do that because its less judgmental and more surprise to see if I enjoy a book more if its random choosing or deliberating choosing one. Names were changed but overall the story was good. Enough heat but not enough to turn me away from this book. I loved it. I ignored the fact that it was fan fiction. At least this was decent than 50 Shades and Twilight put together. I would recommend this novel because of the little steamy romance there was along with the plot too.

The Young Life of Trevor Noah

Born a Crime: Stories from A South African Childhood – Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah, comedians, United States, South Africa, Television personalities, nonfiction, memoir.

Rating 8/10

Trevor Noah shares his childhood in this nonfiction novel with vital stories of his upbringing. The main importance of this memoir was the fact he was never meant to be, only because his parents, during an apartheid, had sexual relations. Trevor Noah tells about the laws that were in place to keep the races from intermingling of necessary. Noah shares his active childhood that was troublesome and involved a lot of activities to keep him entertained. Trevor Noah also recounts his school life and the crushes he has had.

As I had read this collection of stories from Trevor Noah’s childhood, I wanted to cry and laugh but mostly I had anger about the whole racism stuff. I enjoyed learning more about one of my favorite comedians especially this one. I would highly recommend to read this memoir and to watch the Trevor Noah Netflix specials too.