Weird Stalker Obsession

The Hypnotist Love Story – Liane Moriarty

Hypnotists, romance, stalkers, drama, fiction.

Ellen hasn’t dated in a while and decided to get back into the dating world, but she wants something long term rather than short term. Patrick fell out of love with this woman named Saskia. Saskia is feeling jaded about the breakup and decided to continuously stalk him. Patrick tells this to Ellen and Ellen is very curious about this woman. In a sick twist of fate, Ellen has already met Saskia and doesn’t know it yet. When Ellen finally meets Saskia, all hell breaks loose.

I love this novel so much I decided to purchase this from the bookstore and proceeded to read it again. I love how there was a little thrill and romance. I can’t say much more than I absolutely love how this book was written. Moriarty deciding to alternate the point of views between Ellen in third person and Saskia in first person made the book better. I wouldn’t want to only read something of this genre of one side. Hearing the other side gave more information that coincides with the plot line. This novel kept me on my toes a lot. Overall, excellent novel from Liane Moriarty.