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Never Got Over You – S.L. Scott 

Romance, fiction. 

Rating 7/10

Nick and Natalie meet at a party. Natalie just got out of a bad relationship and swore off men until she had met Nick. She leaves the next morning regretting that decision from walking away from a potential good relationship. Nick is disappointed and angry for not getting her number and she slips away. Months later their paths cross once more but she leaves her number and he asks her out. Their fate and stars finally realigned for the best. 

This was an alright romance novel. I wasn’t too keen on this but I was fine with the plot. The writing is excellent and pacing was just as excellent. I wasn’t hyped up about them always hooking up or nearly hooking up and not actually getting together until half way into the book. I kept getting mad at them for making horrible decisions and when they made the right one is when I started liking them again. Anyways I liked this book and anyone who is a romantic would most likely enjoy this much more than me.