Snakes and Spiders OH MY!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Year Two – J.K. Rowling

Fantasy, witches, wizards, schools, England.

Rating 9/10

Harry Potter had returned to the Dursleys after his first year of school at Hogwarts. It had been very eventful for Harry. He gained actual friends. Made it into the Quidditch team. Survived his near-death encounter with Lord Voldemort. However, when it came to his birthday, he hadn’t gotten any letters from anyone. When a house elf, Dobby, turns up on his bed, Dobby confessed what he had done to Harry for a good reason. Harry was to not return to Hogwarts due to impending doom that was to be unleashed at the school. Harry disagrees and continues to want to go to school so Dobby got him into trouble with the Dursleys. Vernon locks Harry into his bedroom and puts bars on his window. Unknowingly that later Ron and his brothers would come rescue Harry. Only barely starting year two, something sinister has been happening in Hogwarts. A petrified cat and some students turn up as well as a disturbing message that the heir of Slytherin returned to Hogwarts to open the Chamber of Secrets and the evil inside unleashed on mud-bloods. Ginny, Ron’s little sister disappeared and its up to Harry to find her and bring her back safely. Harry encounters Tom Riddle who had been using a diary to speak to Ginny to do terrible deeds. Tom plans to use her body to become his true self, Lord Voldemort. Harry must stop the basilisk. With the help of a phoenix, a sorting hat, and the Sword of Grodrick Gryffindor, he kills the basilisk and the diary. He saves Ginny and Hogwarts as well, becoming a hero again.

Well this book had scared the shit out of me in my younger years, but I did enjoy this book as much as I had with the first. After this book I was wanting to continue to follow Harry’s journey to survival at Hogwarts and all his adventures. My heart ached for Harry and I deeply had wished he had a normal wizard life without ever encountering Lord Voldemort ever but that is the whole basis of the entire book series. I got a bit too far with myself there. Anyways I feel like this shouldn’t be just a children’s book. It is a genre that seems mutual enough for all ages to read.