I Fear This Dystopian Novel

Secondborn – Amy A. Bartol

Science fiction, dystopian, fiction.

Rating 8/10

In this dystopian science fiction novel, it is set in a time where firstborns are reared as important and great. Secondborns are reared as lowly and unimportant to society. Firstborns are given good quality jobs whereas secondborns are sent into servitude to the firstborns. It is time for Roselle to go into servitude like her fellow secondborns on transition day. When Roselle becomes a solider for The Fate of Swords, she realizes that she must either do what she needs to survive or face death. Along the way she finds allies who find being secondborn as an injustice and being treated differently as wrong, she becomes apart of the rebellion. Roselle wants equality and fights for that equality for all secondborns to be treated just as the same as firstborns. No matter what the cost.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and I was satisfied with the plot. It is an interesting new addition to the world of science fiction that isn’t so clichéd as well as it seems like it’s a new idea. I personally thought that this book could’ve been more in-depth with the ideology of firstborns and secondborns. However, it is well written and excellent at capturing my attention when I first saw the title and read the small inadequate synopsis on the back. I would say, if your interested in science fiction, give this a read.