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A Court of Mist and Fury – Sarah J. Maas

Fantasy, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Feyre is brought back to life by being turned into a faerie after being murdered. She is taken to the Spring Court and to be wed to Tamlin. She wants to make herself useful and not just a pretty housewife to a Lord. When her wedding day comes, Rhysand comes to claim his part of a deal that he and Feyre had made when they were held prisoners at Under the Mountain. Every month she asks Tamlin to train her and he doesn’t want to train her and makes it a point by doing what he shouldn’t have done. Trapped her in darkness. Rhysand comes to rescue and makes her an offer to work for him. He would teach her everything that she needs to know and won’t be coddled like Tamlin did. Feyre decides to take fate into her own hands and fight for what she loves.

This was rather interesting and I loved the energy that this book has. The interactions felt realistic and the trauma that was addressed really put this book together. Feyre is experiencing PTSD from her time Under the Mountain. In this book we see that she is coping and trying to make herself stronger. Not only her but Rhysand is helping her become stronger without making any excuses that are invalid. I honestly thought at first Feyre and Tamlin were cute but in this book he became a total control freak of a jerk. I honestly do not like Tamlin at this time and am thankful for Rhysand to help Feyre in a time of need. Despite him being a jerk as well, he is a helpful jerk. I might continue the series later but I did like this novel. I wished this was shorter but there is a lot to unravel and the world building continues. I totally appreciate the breadcrumbs and slowly introducing more of this world in a palatable way. There are some spicy scenes and mature scenes so forewarning for whoever reads this book. Overall, I love this novel and I am glad that this is a new adult fantasy that isn’t only smut but actual plot and dialogue. I do recommend this if one is looking for a fantastic fantasy. 


she is not beauty in this one, she’s the beast

A Court of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J. Maas 

Fantasy, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Feyre is hunting for food for her family who lives in deep poverty. There is a wolf that caught what was supposed to be her kill and she kills the wolf that turned out to be a faerie. Humans and the faeries had been at war and there was a treaty between the two worlds. The faeries stay within their realm and humans stay within their own realm. She doesn’t think much of what she had done until a day or so later, a member of Prythian, comes demanding to know who killed the wolf. Feyre bravely comes forward and the faerie gives her an option, either die right there or live out her sentence in Prythian. She chooses an option where she lives out her sentence in the other realm as punishment for killing a faerie. This faerie takes her to Prythian and introduces himself as Lord Tamlin. He tells her that she is free to do whatever she wishes and that she isn’t really a prisoner. She learns about this realm and comes to slowly to love the faeries. Her attitude towards the faerie changes. Lucien, a friend of Tamlin, tells her about why they wear a mask because of a curse. She demands to know more but she can’t be told. One day, trouble and something wicked comes her way. Tamlin sends her back to the human realm and she knows she no longer fits in with the human realm nor wanted. She returns to Prythian and is told more details of the curse and how she failed to break the curse. Forcing her to go break a spell by all means necessary to save Tamlin and his court. 

I saw this book trending and heard a lot of hype for it. Mostly see it trending on TikTok. I waited too long to start reading this book. This is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast but with a lot of twists, turns, spice, and violence. Not for the faint of heart at all. The writing is exquisitely written, and the lore was spaced out like breadcrumbs in a digestible way. I do have to say there are some explicit scenes that are not suitable for children or teens. This book feels more towards new adults and adult audiences. The plot was thought into and it is noticeably clear of that. Like I mentioned before I was not expecting so many twists and turns with the spice and violence blended and presented as a retelling. I cannot wait to read the next book of this series and I will for sure as I am writing this review, will read the next book immediately. I do recommend this to the audience that wants a spicier retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I jokingly said to my friend that I was curious about how I felt after reading… Feyre is the beast and Tamlin is the beauty. Read the book. It is worth it.

copy and paste onto new wife format

The Wife Between Us – Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

Interpersonal relationships, love triangles, suspense, marriage, psychological, fiction.

Rating 8/10

Emma is getting married to Richard, someone she fell deeply in love with and he fell for her too. She is taking all the necessary steps to become his wife. Vanessa is recovering from a divorce and trying to get over Richard. Vanessa finds out that Richard has a new wife on the way, and this makes her curious about the new bride of his. Emma gets ready to leave to get married but before doing so she is confronted by Vanessa who tries to warn her about Richard. Emma dismisses until she decides to investigate the incident that Vanessa refers to. After some digging, Emma has an epiphany that his ex-wife isn’t as crazy as she seems. Both meetup to discuss plans of how to confront Richard, but some truths are scarier than a psychotic fiancée, their connection to each other.

I was intrigued by the synopsis and the title of the novel, so I had to buy this book. The plot was very interesting, and the character’s connection is quite fascinating. I wasn’t expecting the novel’s plot to have a darker side in which this does. The character’s intertwined fate and interactions make the novel very thrilling and suspenseful. The chapters are sometimes alternating between perspectives, but the reader has to put the pieces together of whose perspective it is, was it either Emma’s or Vanessa’s perspective. There were enough breadcrumbs to follow along and to see how the story would play out. Overall, I did find this novel very enjoyable.

before Ariel…

Sea Witch – Sarah Henning

Fairy tales, Hans Christian Anderson, young adult, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Evelyn and her Prince friend, Nik, witnessed their friend drown four years ago. Both still shaken up about it but they mourned for so long. They had grown exceptionally close to each other. One day, there is unease seas that throws Nik into the ocean and later a mermaid saves him. When Evelyn goes to her hidden cove, she notices the mermaid who looks like her deceased friend. Later on, she runs into a girl who is a spitting image of her long-deceased friend. The new girl introduces herself as Annemette. Evelyn takes her to see Nik. Nik and Annemette kick it off while Evelyn turns her attention to the prince’s cousin. After the long day, Annemette confesses that she is a mermaid as well as only has four days to remain on land to find out if the Prince is her true love. She wants to remain on land and never return to the sea. Evelyn promises to help her with just that. What Evelyn doesn’t know is that she is to be made a fool by Annemette because she came back on land fully knowing what had happened to her and craves revenge on her friends who abandoned her.

I have to say that I was not expecting this novel to become dark as it had. I should have seen the signs however that this novel would have taken a turn. I did have had pity in Evelyn because she thought all along that this mysterious girl was their long dead friend and there was ought to be some form of resentment. I enjoyed reading from a perspective of a villain and their origin story. I’d like to think it forms some sort of equal judgement to understand where they are coming from and why they are the way they are. I loved this novel and the little surprises here and there that the author embedded into the plot. This novel is worth reading and I might try to get my hands on the sequel. I loved the writing style for sure. The style was very immersive into the world that Henning took the reader into. 

LOVE Sabrina

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Season of the Witch, A prequel – Sarah Rees Brennan

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Netflix original, magic, witches, wizards, young adult, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Sabrina is coming close to her sixteenth birthday, where she will pledge her soul to the Dark Lord Satan, go to the Academy of Unseen Arts and become a full pledged witch. However, due to her mixed blood heritage, being half-mortal is causing her heart strain. Sabrina loves her mortal friends and wants to be a witch, she must choose one or the other, not both. She talks to her cousin, Ambrose, about her long-time best friend now boyfriend about a recent incident, Ambrose suggests a spell that can prove his love for Sabrina. Sabrina goes for the spell and waits to see what happens. Suddenly Harvey is head over heels in love with Sabrina and does multiple acts of love for her as well as following her around and doing things for her. When Sabrina has had enough, she attempts to reverse the spell or fix Harvey, this goes dark and wrong.

I am a huge fan of the Netflix series, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and found myself drawn to the chilling aspect of the show for sure. Also, the plot line as well. I had originally saw this book on the Target shelf and was contemplating to purchase right away or not. I had decided to wait. The next day, however, I went to a library I hadn’t visited in a while and saw this book on the shelf, tis was fate for me to borrow this book. I am glad to have read this. This novel stuck with the lore of the show completely and was well thought into. I was amazed of how much was packed into such a small book. I legitimately read this novel in just a day, not only because this was a small book, but the fact is that this was a page turner and couldn’t get enough of the story. I recommend this novel and the show on Netflix.

Learned Something New Here

The Real Lolita: The Kidnapping of Sally Horner and the Novel That Scandalized the World – Sarah Weinman

Sally Horner, kidnapping, United States, Case Studies, Child Abuse, captivity, Nonfiction.

Rating 10/10

In this examination case study of Sally Horner, this is a timeline of her life from beginning to her untimely end. Sally Horner was a young schoolgirl trying to impress her friends and was caught by a person. That person told her she should meet his requests, so she doesn’t end up in jail. Horner was given instructions and asked her mother for permission to leave to do some business in another neighboring city. The man had kidnapped Sally Horner and took her far away from home. From eyewitness accounts, one had said that the little girl claimed the man to be her father. This man went by the name of Mr. Warner, but he was Frank La Salle by the FBI. Frank Le Salle is a child molester and he was sent to prison for a while but was released. During the time of Sally Horner’s disappearance, her mother didn’t expect nothing much of the disappearance at all and was merely indifferent about it. Eventually it was six weeks before any serious actions were taken place and even then, Sally Horner was long gone from that city. During this time, Sally Horner’s family was devastated, and investigators were doing research as well as using whatever they had to try to find Sally Horner. Frank Le Salle had made lies, acclaiming that Sally Horner was his daughter but the truth was kept from the light for so long. It wasn’t until a woman by the name of Ruth to help Sally Horner in the dire time. Frank Le Salle was imprisoned, and Sally Horner was saved. After all the trauma, it is seen that Sally Horner had a passion to live and thrive. Not long after, Sally Horner was killed in a car accident. This is not a fiction story. This was a story of a girl who faced horrors beyond the imagination. When Vladimir Nabokov learned about this case, he was already currently writing the novel Lolita which is eerily like this case. When he published Lolita, the case of Sally Horner was pushed from the minds lest was forgotten.

I typically do not read nonfiction literature, but I had to make an exception with this one because of how the title captured my attention. I had vaguely known about Lolita, but I had no clue that there was an actual case study that did happen at the same time. My heart broke when I read the synopsis and the introduction. As I had continued to read this case study, I had found myself wanting to know more about what happened to Sally Horner and I wished that she didn’t die prematurely the way she did. The details that the author goes in depth left me astonished and amazed. The way Weinman constructed and wrote this felt like a fictional novel, except it really wasn’t all fiction. This was all facts with evidence and eyewitnesses. I hate pedophiles and honestly the way this guy was sent to prison for a long time satisfied that part of the case. However, the lesson remains is that always be safe and stay safe. I enjoyed learning about this case and made me want to read more nonfictional literature.