A Thrilling Marriage ;]

The Marriage Pact – Michelle Richmond

Romance, drama, marriage, pacts, cults, thriller, horror, fiction.

When Jake first laid his eyes on Alice, he wanted her for the rest of his life. He wanted to marry her. After proposing to her and marrying her, they got a gift labeled The Pact. Wondering, they message the person who sent the package. Immediately after some deliberation and conversation, they agree that they want their marriage to last forever. What they don’t know about The Pact is that this is practically a cult with too much power. Immediately there is problems, Alice was outfitted with a refocus mechanism and he wants some damn answers. As time progresses, they both fear for their lives.

I thought this book was going to be a romance, but I was happily wrong. This would be considered a thriller because of some of the elements. This novel questioned everything I ever had thought of marriage and I think this book explores the more extreme ways of keeping the marriage working. I had read this book previously and rereading this novel for the second time, I’ve noticed that there is a lot of chapters that can be cut out that doesn’t make sense to the plot line. Overall this is a good novel. I found myself binge reading like I had done the first time reading this novel. I wish there was more books by this author because Michelle Richmond writes beautifully. Each element is balanced out which I prefer a harmony. I would like this to be expanded because I would love to hear other stories that involve The Pact. Like expand on some of the members and their perspectives. Might be just me wanting more. I wouldn’t mind if the author did this in the future.


Scared Of This Book..

The Marriage Pact – Michelle Richmond

Romance, suspense, drama, action, marriage, fiction

Rating 8/10

In this thrilling romance novel, “The Marriage Pact” by Michelle Richmond, it’s focused on marriage. These two adults, Alice and Jake freshly had gotten married got some fears about what happens after the honeymoon. After receiving a suspicious package labeled, THE PACT, both are highly interested and willing to try this out. It seemed easy, abide by simple rules of marriage and read all handbooks that helps the marriage stay happy and prosperous. This society helps it’s members if they see a marriage slightly gets rocky or uneasy. When they join, they start to regret ever joining this society. As they struggle to maintain a happy marriage, they see how dark this society truly is. Members in the THE PACT interfere in their marriage and purposely sabotage for personal interests. Between marriage prisons and demonic “focus” devices create chaos for the newlyweds. Alice and Jake hunt down information to get out of this dark society and succeeds with persuasion.

When I had saw this book at the book store, the title alone caught my attention. Usually I hardly read romance novels ever, but this storyline intrigued me to read more. Given that there are some morbid scenes and very adult like content I would recommend it to mature audiences. It is very fast paced and keep’s one on their toes as they read. I personally love this book but some of the content described such as a marriage prison and a focus mechanism disturb me greatly. Other than that, pretty good.

Richmond, Michelle. The Marriage Pact: a Novel. Penguin Books., 2018