worst chosen one ever!

Carry On – Rainbow Rowell

Young Adult, LGBTQ+, fantasy, romance, wizards, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Simon Snow is the worst chosen one and he is always reminded of that. The Mage has always been his guardian for a long time, preparing as well as protecting Simon from the Humdrum. Simon has a vampire wizard roommate who has the hots for him. Simon’s girlfriend breaks up with him. Baz’s (Simon’s roommate) mother visits Simon to tell him to warn Baz that her killer is on the loose. It takes a team effort to make it through the final year at Watford. In the midst of the madness and chaos, romance blooms between Baz and Simon.

I heard good reviews about this novel and decided to check it out. I like this book. It has a lot of witchcraft and elements of romance. It’s a lot to unpack to read because there is a lot of different perspectives to the narrative that help explain further of what’s going on. My favorite was the roommate having the hots for Simon. I swear that he was being a douche to him because they’re fated to be enemies. I was happily wrong. Although I do like plot twists because they always tend to keep the reader and or audience on their toes, unsuspecting of what may or may not happen. I would recommend this novel for sure.