My Heart Couldn’t Handle This..

Me Before You – Jojo Moyes

Quadriplegics, romance, drama, Fiction.

Rating 11/10

Louisa Clark had lived an unextraordinary life whereas Will Traynor had lived an extraordinary life. Will got into a fatal car crash that left him as a quadriplegic. Louisa gets laid off at her job. In attempts of finding a job, she finds one that she, at first, didn’t want to do but lest her only option. She becomes Will’s personal assistant, to entertain and take care of him. Will seems distant but surely becomes attached to Louisa and so does his mother and father. Louisa overhears a conversation that Will wants assisted suicide. Louisa has to do everything she can to not let that happen.

This novel made me overly emotional. The storyline got increasingly complex and I did not put this book down for nothing. I had to continue reading until the end. I was so saddened by the ending but grateful of the ending. I love this novel a lot. I wanted to try out a new author and randomly selected this one and happy that I took a chance with Jojo Moyes. I want to read more of her novels soon. I recommend giving this one a read.