Cult Survivor Tale

After the Fire – Will Hill

Cults, survival, psychology, thrilling, suspense, young adult fiction.

Rating 10/10

Moonbeam, a survivor from a cult of the name, Lord’s Legion recounts her daily life leading up to the Fire incident with a psychiatrist. As time progresses, Moonbeam learns to trust those around her who are helping her recover from the incident. She also learns of the orphaned survivors and how they first got help like she did as well as given to loving homes. Moonbeam tells the psychiatrist that she caused all the chaos. No punishments given. Freedom and happiness were given to Moonbeam.

I really love the whole strength of Moonbeams character and how she got guts to do what she did. This young adult novel surprised me in the end. It was very well written and thought into as far as I can tell. I would recommend this novel for sure. It is very detailed and descriptive. There are two alternating segments of this book that is very organized that defines Moonbeam sharing her experiences to the psychiatrist and what she does after the sessions as well as her interactions with other characters. I cried at the end and usually I don’t cry with books but with this one I did. It was sentimental.

Stephen King Truly Scared Me With This One

Rose Madder – Stephen King

Horror, psychological thriller, fiction, women empowerment, PTSD, survivors

Rating 8/10

Stephen King does his magic with horror fiction writing. Rosie Daniels, a woman married to an abusive man, escapes the horror. During her trek to safety and becoming her own independent woman, she faces some problems but quickly adapts. As time goes on, the fear of her husband coming back to her traumatizes her. Finding ways to heal herself and battling her internal demons is an incredible feat and she in the end lives peacefully.

I had always been a huge fan of Stephen King and some selected works of his. This one was recommended by my mother. I do love the story and the plot, its just the beginning is scary but that’s the whole purpose of a horror fiction novel. This title isn’t commonly known and it should be a more common one than the works that were turned into movies like Carrie, Cujo, Shining, e.t.c.

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