Don reminded me of Sheldon Cooper LOL

The Rosie Project – Graeme Simsion

Romance, comedy, fiction.

Rating  9/10

Don Tillman just wants to find the perfect wife that he wants and doesn’t want to waste precious time finding the perfect wife. So, he creates a questionnaire to help weed out the bad choices. Gene and Claudia, Don’s friends, thinks this is a bad idea and that its more or less objectifying women. Don doesn’t seem to grasp that concept fully. Gene sends Rosie, a Ph.D. student to him about a testicle infidelity related question and Don hits it off with Rosie a little. Rosie asks for help in a way to find her father whom she never had known because her mother hardly ever had discussed with her. The only parent she had was her stepfather. Don formulates a project using the information she had about her mother and created the project to hunt down her father. He later reveals to her that he isn’t interested in her besides helping her out and tells her of the project questionnaire. She backs off of him for a while and later does apologize for her actions. Eventually Don takes on the project and it leads them to a journey that neither of them expected the outcome.

I enjoyed this short and bittersweet novel. The story was well put together and I did not expect that ending at all. Neither did I expect the events that led to the final moment. I wished there were more to this novel but apparently there is a sequel to this book, and I am going to hunt that sequel down. The main character, Don reminds me of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory with the organized lifestyle and being overly technical. I do recommend this novel for sure for the romance aspect and there was some comedy in it.