tiktok made me buy this series

The Cruel Prince – Holly Black

Fairies, sisters, orphans, princes, courts, courtiers, young adult, fantasy, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Jude and her sisters were taken away from the human world and witnessed someone kill her parents at a young age. This person takes care of them out of respect and care for the young girls as well as keeping them away from the human world by keeping them in Elfhame. She goes to school with the rest of the nobles’ children. Often, she gets bullied by the princes and princess. She is approached by Prince Dain who wants her to become his spy and in exchange protection. Jude pledges herself to him. Her work begins with spying on Prince Balekin and she learns an awful a lot. Jude will learn that being a spy was more than she had thought she made a deal with. This comes with a lot of revelations and a dangerous road ahead for Jude and Cardon.

I saw this on TikTok and wanted to give it a read. I am so glad that I had done so. I enjoyed reading this novel and somewhat understand the hype. Also, the fact that this is different than the usual young adult fiction I read was a fresh breath of air. The idea of a human living in the faery world and being a part of something life altering was intriguing. It would make sense for the human to be a spy in the faery court. She is unseen and seen as unimportant so no one will think nothing less. I do love the author’s thought process and how she beautifully developed the world as well as the characters. A lot of thought went into creating this and there are so many twists that are subtle yet shocking.


No Princes? Sign Me UP!

The School for Good and Evil: A World Without Princes – Soman Chainani

Children fiction, young adult fiction, adventure, fairy tales

Rating 9/10

In the second installment of School for Good and Evil, finally the two girls Agatha and Sophie are home. Famous for their fight in the last book, fame got to their heads. Suddenly things have changed, princes don’t exist anymore. Neither are princesses. It’s an all-out war between boys and girls. Everything is now a mess and must be rectified before more terrible things happen.

I really thought this book is interesting and it was a pleasure to read. Simply an incredible page turner It made me laugh, cry, and cringe I am a huge fan of this book series and I highly recommend for everyone to try this out. Despite the novel being a children’s book, it is something everyone can read. It is well written, and I simply had fallen in love with the first book, now having to hunt down more novels in this series. I honestly would reread this one maybe a few more times.