two worlds collide

Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors – Sonali Dev

Contemporary, Indian culture, family, romance, fiction.

Rating  9/10

Trish is a doctor and a black sheep of an overachieving family. DJ Caine has to work long and enduring hours to make sure that his little sister gets the treatment she needs. Both come from different worlds and yet they collide over Emma, her patient, and his sister. After being accepted back into the family, no longer being a black sheep, family events turn out better. DJ and Trish soon to learn to break the walls between them for the sake for Emma.

I liked this novel a lot. it felt for sure as if this were a modern take on Pride and Prejudice but with a twist. I enjoyed reading this for sure. Especially how the hate to love story that is within the novel. Its not the entire focus of the narrative but its addition helped along the novel. I could not help but to take my time reading this novel. There is so much within this novel that it is wise to slowly indulge with this novel. I highly do recommend this novel.


Interesting Victorian Romance

Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

English classic literature, fiction.

Rating 7/10

 In a world where social class and marriage is important for positive social attitudes towards such persons of interests, Pride and Prejudice explores scandal and heartache due to misunderstandings. Elizabeth Bennet is looking for a suitor and future husband that meets her standards. Mr. Darcy is looking for a wife that meets his standards. Both can’t stand each other but they keep having this chemistry that can’t deny their attraction, Elizabeth denies Mr. Darcy’s proposal, and this creates a scandal for the century. In the end, they do become engaged after Mr. Darcy proposes again.

I am not a fan of this romance English classic literature theme, but it was thrilling to read, and it was humorful. I enjoyed the fact that a man can’t handle rejection. This novel is okay, but it was sort of confusing to read and seeing what is actually happening. Its fine because its in the formal English rather than it being a modernized version of the novel that dumbs it down to easier terms. I prefer a challenge when it comes to reading classical literature.