Eight Perfect Murders – Peter Swanson 

Mystery, thriller, fiction. 

Rating 6/10

Malcolm is approached by the FBI about these mysterious copycat murders. He helps the FBI with the copycat murders that have a relation to his Eight Perfect Murders list. As more victims appear this becomes a race against time to find out who is killing these people. 

I genuinely wanted to like this book but I couldn’t. I don’t know if it’s the plot or the purpose of the story but this didn’t really appeal to me. I’m sure the next person would enjoy this novel. This is short and very quickly paced. I sort of enjoy that in a mystery thriller but the whole copycat killer I felt was underdone. I’m sure someone who is into novels that are about copycat killers would enjoy this novel.


this was sweet.

I’m Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter – Erika L. Sanchez

Young adult, Mexican heritage, grieving, mental health, fiction.

Rating 8/10

Julia is recovering from the death of her sister, and so does her family. They all are devastated and trying to cope in their own ways. However, her mother tries so hard to understand Julia and why Julia wasn’t like her sister. Julia doesn’t want to be like her sister. Rather she wants to understand why she looked at her phone before she got hit by the bus, or why there was lingerie in her closet. Plus, mysterious emails with some hidden truths. When Julia has had enough of her mother’s ways, something bad happens and caused them to become closer together with a newer understanding.

This book was so good and underappreciated. The book discusses mental health among Mexican families, their heritages, and traditions. A different perspective that is authentic and true because it is never easy trying to do things beyond the household without the parents being concerned for their child and how sometimes parents don’t understand their children and vice versa. I loved this book, and the pacing was nice, and the plot was thorough. Parts did bring tears to my eyes because I understand how it is hard losing a loved one who was close yet so far away. It is never easy, but life comes and goes. When I was grieving my grandfather’s death, I wished he could stay longer, but he had lived a long and fulfilling life. He is never really gone because I know he is with me in my heart. Like the main character, grief is different from person to person. I loved this book and do recommend this novel.

whoa that was interesting…

Bad Girls with Perfect Faces – Lynn Weingarten

Fiction, young adult, mystery, thriller.

Rating 9/10

Sasha helps her best friend, Xavier, cope with his breakup. Sasha had always disliked his girlfriend Ivy. She had hurt his best friend and Sasha wanted payback. Sasha creates a fake username and persona to mess with Ivy. Sasha subtly tells Xavier that she feels that his girlfriend is cheating and that he should break things off. When this game of pretend becomes too serious and things are taken too far to the point of murder.

I did enjoy this young adult novel. I found it to be very thrilling and exciting as well as fast paced in a way that kept me on my toes. Do not underestimate this tiny young adult novel. I binge read it within a day. Kept wondering how and what would happen to certain characters. Just do not repeat what the protagonist had done. This was a work of fiction and shouldn’t be replicated. Anyways, such a good novel, I enjoyed the characters and their interactions as well as the fast-paced plot that made sense with the character’s relations to each other. I sort of hoped for more, but this was a standalone young adult novel.

Life Changing Journey

The Perfect Predator: A Scientists Race to Save Her Husband from a Deadly Disease – Steffanie Strathdee and Thomas Patterson

Disease, life altering, life threatening, survival, nonfiction.

Rating 9/10

While on vacation, Steffanie and her husband Thomas, were having a great time and enjoying themselves. Unluckily her husband had contracted a disease that was not easily treatable at first. Further into the story, they go to hospitals and this disease that was contracted was untreatable and this was going to end with her husband possibly dying. All was a race to survive this disease but along the way, Steffanie never felt less of her husband nor left his side. She stayed by his side through thick and thin.

I found this nonfiction book to be very compelling as well as a page turner. My heart swelled and I had gotten goosebumps throughout reading this work. I thought, at first, that this was going to be bland and boring. I was happy I was wrong about my speculations of this work. I do recommend to read this nonfiction work if one is intrigued to hear survival stories and other accounts of survival told through other’s perspectives. This helped gained some knowledge but as a warning, do not self-diagnose and go see a doctor, no matter what the condition may be.